RANT: I Hate Wedding Registries

I hate wedding registries. In fact, I hate all registries.

Here’s why:
1. No creativity. Whatsoever.
2. No freedom to support local artisans and businesses. None. If I’m lucky I can support a very established designer or illustrator that is employed by Crate and Barrel or Target or whatever.
3. Pigeon-holed (for the most part) to one store.

I’m sure the stores love it.

But I don’t.

I would so much rather get the newlyweds something thoughtful that I think they might love…and that recycles my money in my local community. I’ll include a gift receipt in case you don’t like it! I don’t mind at all.

But…instead…they can have a really ridiculous candle holder:

Why? I have no idea. Probably they thought it was kinda cute and now $70 of my bucks are going to buy it for them. I hope someone else gets the candles.

Something to Complain About: Window Envelopes

I’m a huge reduce, reuse and recycle fan.  I might even be militant. Sometimes when I see a toilet paper roll in the bathroom trash my head turns red and I almost pop.  Then I remember that I live with other people with different priorities and that I’m lucky to have a house at all.  So many people don’t.

I save all envelopes for reuse. Some companies are really nice and leave the front mostly blank except for their address; that’s easy–just stick a label on top of their address and boom!  One small fraction of a tree is saved.

It is not so easy with window envelopes.  First of all, why are there so many damn types of window envelopes?  It’s like businesses think they’ll stand out by having their address in a unique place. Looking through my stack of window envelopes just now I had like fourteen different kinds, none of which easily fit my IRS tax payment form (which was obviously made for a window envelope).

A full five minutes later I’d managed to fold my tax payment form a bunch of different ways and position the IRS’ address in the window meant for some bank statement.  But what an ordeal!  Those are five minutes I’ll never get back, world.  All to save you.

You’re welcome.

A Mystery Package from Office Depot!

What if it’s anthrax?? A bomb in disguise?

Or a present?? But why would anyone but me a present from Office Depot??

Amid all these questions, I tore open the package to discover.

A catalog. Or, as they like to call it, the Big Book 2011.

Thanks Office Depot, but next time you can save on the postage and the printing costs. I have the Internet at my fingertips. Have you heard of it?

Fuck! just got red pen on the same shirt as the blue!

Today I’m using red and orange, for these are the colors that usually represent hot. And hot I am! All day I’ve been totally sweating. Well lets give up the hot. Every other subject will be red.

1st Subject: People I hate.

Spoiler alert!! There is no second subject!

Ana. Bitch of all Bitches. Queen of fat. Duke of ugly. President of mean. You get the picture?

Julie. Don’t know why but I do.

Megan. Bitch. Even meaner than Ana. That’s pretty mean, too. Continue Reading

I’m glad that “paper is patient”. I pour all my secrets in this diary. Well almost all of them. I suppose there are still some.

I haven’t written for awhile ‘cause there’s been nothing going on. Erica’s been back for a few days now. I wrote Becky. I still think about Andy alot. He’s usually on my mind.

The last night before last Dad brought home Glider. When I found it (in the silverware drawer) I yelled with pleasure.

You can yell with pleasure too! Glider is a really great game. I still love it, and it’s available for download and will work on most computers!!

Today he brought home Tetris. Those are my favorite games. Before I barely was on the computer. Now I’m addicted. I have to wear the amulet to keep away the computer “vibes”. I don’t mean to brag, but I’m the best at Glider.

I’m glad that “paper is patient”. I pour all my secrets in this diary. Well almost all of them. I suppose there are still some. I know somebody’s going to read this, so I’m apprehensive of what I write.

Becky always used to laugh at what I wrote. I felt, hey, what kind of best friend would laugh at my feelings? I think it’s absolutely horrible.

In fact I used to write my secrets in cursive, so she couldn’t read it. I have alot of anger towards her. Today I’m going to pour everything about Becky into here. Wonderful. I just marked my white shirt with blue. (You can laugh at that) Continue Reading

Ok so me and Emily had a great time. We went on Vortex and that is THE BEST!!!!!!!!!

Becky is a DOA..I made that up. It stands for Daughter of an asshole. She is also a major bitch. At Great America on Saturday she was being a major spoiled sport. She just had to have her own way. She wouldn’t go on Top Gun or Vortex or even the Fiddlers Fling, which is a lame ride. I might be able to understand about Top Gun but she wouldn’t go on the Blue Streak if her life depended on it! (The Blue Streak is a kiddie roller coaster!).

She spent all Saturday complaining about the long lines and how her vein in her foot hurt. In fact I was only with her for about an hour and a half. After that I got fed up and Emily and I left to go on by ourselves. Only we were stuck with Christy. Only till four though. After the awards ceremony (our band took 4th and got the Spirit Award) Emily and I took off leaving Becky and Alexis with Christy.

Ok so me and Emily had a great time. We went on Vortex and that is THE BEST!!!!!!!!! We didn’t have time to go on Top Gun. After all the line went through two lands!!!

Ok, so 8:30 rolls around and we meet with our chaperone’s and stuff. Emily and Christy, and Alexis make up this outlandish story about how they went on all of the scary rides like Vortex, Top Gun, the Demon. Anyway they’re scared like Hell of these rides and would never go on any of them.

Oh I forgot, when we were with Christy, we were talking bad about Becky and Alexis. Guess what? Christy told them!!!! So there we were. They were all pissed at us and telling LIES!!!! So they’re DOAs and Bitches!!!!!

It was hecka funny in the car on the way home. Becky says she was tired and didn’t remember if she went on Top Gun or not!!!! If you went on Top Gun you would remember it. It would be the best thing that ever would happen to you. Sure she’s tire. She also said that she thinks she bumped her head?!!!! Sure, Becky we believe you?!!!! HA, HA!!! That is why Becky M. is a DOA