RANT: I Hate Wedding Registries

I hate wedding registries. In fact, I hate all registries.

Here’s why:
1. No creativity. Whatsoever.
2. No freedom to support local artisans and businesses. None. If I’m lucky I can support a very established designer or illustrator that is employed by Crate and Barrel or Target or whatever.
3. Pigeon-holed (for the most part) to one store.

I’m sure the stores love it.

But I don’t.

I would so much rather get the newlyweds something thoughtful that I think they might love…and that recycles my money in my local community. I’ll include a gift receipt in case you don’t like it! I don’t mind at all.

But…instead…they can have a really ridiculous candle holder:

Why? I have no idea. Probably they thought it was kinda cute and now $70 of my bucks are going to buy it for them. I hope someone else gets the candles.

Speak up peeps.

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