Tupperware and Social Media

My friend Jigar sent over this New York Times story about Tupperware’s new campaign to better use social media.

I’m sure we’re all familiar with the Tupperware scheme, but let’s review. Tupperware does not spend money on traditional marketing campaigns. Instead they build a workforce of women who sell Tupperware by convincing friends and strangers to host Tupperware parties.

I love Tupperware, and I use it every day. I started selling it because I recognized how great of a product it was. I never sold that much of it because it comes with a very high price tag.

For whatever reason (and I have my theories) Tupperware is an investment. You invest in quality, and the fact that it’s going to be around forever and you can get replacement lids and yadda yadda. But you have to have that cash upfront to commit, and a lot of people just don’t have that. Especially a lot of my friends who are primarily still barely post college. (What’s that? I’m 7 years out?? It feels like yesterday.)

So I didn’t sell much, but I have continued trying to convince my friends and loved ones to make the investment because it’s worth it. I’ve had daydreams for years about making fun Tupperware commercials on Youtube and selling products that way. My sister and I embarked on this scheme back in 2006 before I read Tupperware’s Internet Terms and Conditions. Continue Reading

Another Reason Why I Hate Comcast

I have been their customer for years, and yet they continue to send advertisements for their services almost weekly.

Not only is it a waste of money and paper (you know they aren’t buying recycled), but it screams, “We charge you SO MUCH more than we need to so we can afford ongoing direct mail campaigns without even caring whether we’re pitching to our very own customers!”

As a small business owner, I’m honored to receive double the direct mail offering me products to which I already subscribe.  And for this, I hate you, Comcast.  I also hate you for all the hidden fees you sneak into my bill every month.  Not cool, Comcast.

I look forward to heading over to your local office within the next two weeks and turning in my DVR, receiver, remotes and anything else in the house labeled Comcast.

I finally found a local internet provider, Sonic.  They’re coming tomorrow to hook me up.  EXCITED!

(Not that that will keep me from receiving the Comcast spam snail mail, though.) Continue Reading

Dear RefurbDepot.com,

I really enjoyed the deal you gave me on my Canon SD 1000 two and a half years ago.  Such a great little machine and such a great price.

Even though I was bummed that it finally kicked the bucket after getting wet on the way to the Prince concert, I knew you would have my back.  I checked your prices.  They hadn’t budged from the 2009 prices proving what I knew: that the Canon SD 1000 is a solid companion of a digital camera.

I added it to my shopping cart.  I snap photos all day long–I can’t be without a camera for long.  “Check out”, I tell your website, “check out.”  Nothing happens.  Again and again. Continue Reading

I'm so over

1.  Hearing about Charlie Sheen.

Who is Charlie Sheen??  Some ass that locked a prostitute in a closet or some shit???  Let’s move on already.

2. Income Taxes

I have to allocate a portion of profits to support a war I don’t agree with and a political system that makes me sick.

3. Roommates

I love the two people I live with.  But three people with one bathroom??  I always have to pee when someone’s in the shower. Continue Reading

I'm annoyed by my blog. Really annoyed.

I spent some time today editing photos from our trip last weekend to Greenville, California, and was excited to post about them.

I included in the post a little plug for this WordPress plug-in called Shashin that allows me to insert Picasa web albums in posts I write.  I’ve used it in a blog post here or there to quickly add a bunch of photos.

The software that you run on your computer that goes with Picasa web albums (also called Picasa) allows you to easily look through and edit the photos on your computer.  My favorite part is how it allows me to upload my photos to the web in one click. You can set an album of photos to be viewable by invitation, everyone or no one. Continue Reading

I hate Comcast

I’ve written before about Comcast, and now that I’ve been their customer for 3 months I have to say that I hate them. Now, hate is a strong word and I try not to use it lightly. But I honestly hate them.


I have two options to choose from: Comcast and AT&T. Given that I hate Comcast so much I should probably switch to AT&T. We probably will since Will just told me they have better customer service. The best it could be is the lesser of two evils.  Both have that new scheme where they charge you for super internet, or bumped up Internet or whatever their marketing team came up with to make it sound alluring.  Whatever it’s called, what you get is the same service you used to get before they made the standard service slower so that they could squeeze some more dollars out of each of our pay checks. Continue Reading