Something to Complain About: Window Envelopes

I’m a huge reduce, reuse and recycle fan.  I might even be militant. Sometimes when I see a toilet paper roll in the bathroom trash my head turns red and I almost pop.  Then I remember that I live with other people with different priorities and that I’m lucky to have a house at all.  So many people don’t.

I save all envelopes for reuse. Some companies are really nice and leave the front mostly blank except for their address; that’s easy–just stick a label on top of their address and boom!  One small fraction of a tree is saved.

It is not so easy with window envelopes.  First of all, why are there so many damn types of window envelopes?  It’s like businesses think they’ll stand out by having their address in a unique place. Looking through my stack of window envelopes just now I had like fourteen different kinds, none of which easily fit my IRS tax payment form (which was obviously made for a window envelope).

A full five minutes later I’d managed to fold my tax payment form a bunch of different ways and position the IRS’ address in the window meant for some bank statement.  But what an ordeal!  Those are five minutes I’ll never get back, world.  All to save you.

You’re welcome.

Speak up peeps.

4 thoughts on “Something to Complain About: Window Envelopes

  1. This is me too. I LOVE being able to recycle something, even if I have to go

    out of my way to do it. I’m hoping it’ll make a difference in my niece’s lifetime.

    She’s 1 year & some change old.

  2. omg, i detest window envelopes. i pile them up and stare them down all the times and then when push comes to shove, i rip the window out and recycle the rest.

    the other side of the hater coin belongs to the people who have to format addresses for these stupid things. i’d rather wash toilets in hell.

    save consumers! save office workers! down with window envelopes!

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