RANT: I Hate Wedding Registries

I hate wedding registries. In fact, I hate all registries.

Here’s why:
1. No creativity. Whatsoever.
2. No freedom to support local artisans and businesses. None. If I’m lucky I can support a very established designer or illustrator that is employed by Crate and Barrel or Target or whatever.
3. Pigeon-holed (for the most part) to one store.

I’m sure the stores love it.

But I don’t.

I would so much rather get the newlyweds something thoughtful that I think they might love…and that recycles my money in my local community. I’ll include a gift receipt in case you don’t like it! I don’t mind at all.

But…instead…they can have a really ridiculous candle holder:

Why? I have no idea. Probably they thought it was kinda cute and now $70 of my bucks are going to buy it for them. I hope someone else gets the candles.

WTF Crate and Barrel? Sweater vases?

This has to be the best product I’ve seen in a long time.  Vases that look like they were cable knit.  Finally, a vase that captures the holiday spirit!

I can just picture my sweetie bringing me some flowers in the depths of winter.  Though they are speckled with snow, the flowers glow with warmth wrapped in this ceramic sweater vase!

Wait, something’s missing here.


Now that’s a complete outfit.

Office Depot Greener Office Delivery Service

I needed labels for the totally awesome Jenfest souvenirs and Office Depot was the cheapest retailer that had these labels. Normally I would just go pick them up, but they were only available online. AND if I ordered $50 or more I would receive FREE overnight delivery. Score! I needed staples anyway!

So I worked my way to $50 buying extra toner and pens. I should have gotten some note pads.

The next day the office supplies show up packed in a nice white paper bag proclaiming their delivery service to be the “Greener Office Delivery Service.” Office Depot seems to really be trying to be green; rumor has it they deliver by bicycle in the UK. Everything was placed inside the bag as if I had gone shopping myself (though I would have brought my own bag). I was gratified by the lack of extra packing paper and boxes, and, I have to say, it was convenient.

Then came the harsh reality. The gel pens I had gotten — Gelio is the brand — sport a “comfort grip” that is more like blades of rubber. OW!!

And then I started thinking about it. These labels I needed they only carried online. But here they were in a paper bag as if someone had just wandered around the store picking things out. Something didn’t add up. Continue Reading

Beauty and the Beast: Special Edition

Beauty and the Beast is tied in my heart as best Disney movie ever. I decided to get it from Netflix months if not years ago, but was disappointed that the so-called “Special Edition” was the only one I could find and wasn’t available! It remained at the bottom of my queue, and finally emerged at the top last week.

I was so excited! I counted the days before I could set aside a good hour and a half to really relax and admire the wonderful animation, beautiful story and fantastic soundtrack.

All was going along well until this monstrosity came on:

It tuns out that Disney added in a new musical sequence in the 2002 Special Edition of the movie. Be warned, friends, be warned. Do not buy a new version of the movie. I’d argue it’s a reason to keep the old VHS & VCR around–just in case. Continue Reading

Public Service Announcement: Del Oro Tostada Crowns are terrible

We’re big fans of Mexican food around here.  We have some awesome taquerias nearby (Cactus and La Calaca Loca are our favorites).

We also like to make it at home.  It reminds me of childhood; especially if we’re lazy and use the Lawry’s spice packet.  Will picked up Tostada Crowns for a change.  They were terrible.  Beyond stale.

They did make a pretty good bowl, though.  Especially since no one wanted to eat them.

We’ve gotten stale taco shells and crowns as often as we’ve gotten good ones.  From now on, I’m going to figure out how to make my own.

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