Beauty and the Beast: Special Edition

Beauty and the Beast is tied in my heart as best Disney movie ever. I decided to get it from Netflix months if not years ago, but was disappointed that the so-called “Special Edition” was the only one I could find and wasn’t available! It remained at the bottom of my queue, and finally emerged at the top last week.

I was so excited! I counted the days before I could set aside a good hour and a half to really relax and admire the wonderful animation, beautiful story and fantastic soundtrack.

All was going along well until this monstrosity came on:

It tuns out that Disney added in a new musical sequence in the 2002 Special Edition of the movie. Be warned, friends, be warned. Do not buy a new version of the movie. I’d argue it’s a reason to keep the old VHS & VCR around–just in case.

What do you think? Is this the worst business decision Disney executives have made?

2 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast: Special Edition

  1. I don’t know! Someone said in the youtube comments that it was part of the original Broadway musical…maybe they stole Les Poissons from that!

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