Office Depot Greener Office Delivery Service

I needed labels for the totally awesome Jenfest souvenirs and Office Depot was the cheapest retailer that had these labels. Normally I would just go pick them up, but they were only available online. AND if I ordered $50 or more I would receive FREE overnight delivery. Score! I needed staples anyway!

So I worked my way to $50 buying extra toner and pens. I should have gotten some note pads.

The next day the office supplies show up packed in a nice white paper bag proclaiming their delivery service to be the “Greener Office Delivery Service.” Office Depot seems to really be trying to be green; rumor has it they deliver by bicycle in the UK. Everything was placed inside the bag as if I had gone shopping myself (though I would have brought my own bag). I was gratified by the lack of extra packing paper and boxes, and, I have to say, it was convenient.

Then came the harsh reality. The gel pens I had gotten — Gelio is the brand — sport a “comfort grip” that is more like blades of rubber. OW!!

And then I started thinking about it. These labels I needed they only carried online. But here they were in a paper bag as if someone had just wandered around the store picking things out. Something didn’t add up.

The labels I got should have been kept in the main store. 300 round 2 1/2 inch labels — everyone needs those, right?

Perhaps they keep stuff in the backroom–instead of the main store–to require people to order from the web rather than pick up. Sure it’s convenient, and it’s also convenient that if you spend $50 delivery is free. Now everyone’s spending more and Office Depot is looking green and those top execs are richer, happy and self-satisfied.

And because I was forced to shop online I bought pens I wouldn’t have and now I have to take the Gelios back to Office Depot and demand that they exchange them.

What’s green about that? What’s convenient about that?


On the bright side, though, now I can pick up some notepads while I’m there. The ones I made out of one-sided paper just aren’t cutting it in meetings (sorry one-sided paper).

the plot thickens...

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