Misogyny in Tech – WebinarNinja Edition

I have spent way more time than I ever wanted to looking at different webinar platforms.

WebinarNinja stood out from the pack. WebinarNinja spoke to me. It said, “I’M A MISOGYNIST ASSHOLE.”

How did it say it?

On it’s home page:

It said it by including a grid of only male faces as the “Rock star members” of WebinarNinja.

I kept scrolling. I immediately got even madder:

Oh so you do have some female members!

And their testimonials made the home page cut! Wow!

How hard would it be to include some of them among your grid of all male rockstars?

Maybe some people of color as well?

Just an idea.

Questions? Comment? Cigars? Cigarettes?

2 thoughts on “Misogyny in Tech – WebinarNinja Edition

  1. Also depressing: guitar magazine lists of the best guitar players of all time. Sometimes Joni Mitchell comes in at #86 and Nancy Wilson at #92.

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