Misogyny in Tech – Fast Pay Edition

I get invited to a lot of different events. The other week, I was invited to a Breakfast Roundtable hosted by Fast Pay (gofastpay.com).

It actually sounded pretty interesting. Until I got to the part about who would be speaking…

In short, I was invited to hear a man in conversation with four other men.

I’m sure they would speak to the challenges that I’m currently facing: how to rebuild my business after having a baby; how to balance family and home life; how to be present with your child when you’ve got business on the mind.

Feeling ballsy, I wrote back:

I would have been happy to attend, but I categorically don’t attend events where there is not at least one woman featured on the agenda.

To which I got the following response:

I just passed along your note to my colleague who organized the event and he said he asked two women to be on the panel but was turned down by both.

WOW!! Two whole women!!

Right on, Fast Pay! You invited two women and, um…one…two, three, four, five — at least five men!

Workplace equality has been achieved.

Whatchu think?

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