Six Years of Self-Employment

Today is the sixth anniversary of the day I left my full-time job.

I was 27. I had decided to leave my job one month earlier. I was then acting Development Director — the highest position in the fundraising and marketing branch of my small non-profit. I had worked there off and on since I was 19.

My coworkers were my family. I came to work everyday greeted by people I loved and who loved me (I think…). I worked with students with stars in their eyes; learned all about their hopes and dreams. Watching them party and study, party and study. There were good points. There were bad points.

I looked around my office that fateful day, and I realized… “I’m too comfortable.” Continue Reading

the time I baked bugs into my cookies

It seemed like just another day. Got a new bookshelf, had some friends over for dinner. But then, the worst thing ever happened: there wasn’t enough leftover lasagna for everyone.

We all had a decent-sized piece, but not an American-sized piece, if you know what I mean. I made extra salad, but I could tell they were still hungry. Or maybe I was just paranoid.

The decision was made: cookies were in order. I got out everything we needed and made the magic happen. Just when the magic was being perfected, my friend Kat noticed there were little specks dotting the top layer 0f the flour….specks that were–on closer inspection–little winged insects.

Oh but what were we to do??  We baked them.  We ate them.  I let our friend Adam eat two without even telling him.  Does that make me terrible?

And who is to blame for this debacle?  I want to blame my Modular Mates Tupperware containers, pictured above in their bug-harboring glory. How could you do this to me Modular Mates? How could you ruin my cookies??*

And after everything I’ve done for you. Touted you on my online Tupperware store.  Organized my pantry around you.  And now this betrayal.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to forgive you.

*To be fair, they were also mediocre for a number of other reasons. 1. We didn’t really follow a recipe. 2. I followed the advice of my friends and added an entire package of pudding. That was just crazy.

A case might also be made that it was my fault that the cookies were ruined for not noticing the bugs when I first scooped the flour.  But again, there is someone else to blame.  And in this case, that someone is booze, who distracted me and inspired me to make the cookies in the first place. Again, not my fault.

Tupperware and Social Media

My friend Jigar sent over this New York Times story about Tupperware’s new campaign to better use social media.

I’m sure we’re all familiar with the Tupperware scheme, but let’s review. Tupperware does not spend money on traditional marketing campaigns. Instead they build a workforce of women who sell Tupperware by convincing friends and strangers to host Tupperware parties.

I love Tupperware, and I use it every day. I started selling it because I recognized how great of a product it was. I never sold that much of it because it comes with a very high price tag.

For whatever reason (and I have my theories) Tupperware is an investment. You invest in quality, and the fact that it’s going to be around forever and you can get replacement lids and yadda yadda. But you have to have that cash upfront to commit, and a lot of people just don’t have that. Especially a lot of my friends who are primarily still barely post college. (What’s that? I’m 7 years out?? It feels like yesterday.)

So I didn’t sell much, but I have continued trying to convince my friends and loved ones to make the investment because it’s worth it. I’ve had daydreams for years about making fun Tupperware commercials on Youtube and selling products that way. My sister and I embarked on this scheme back in 2006 before I read Tupperware’s Internet Terms and Conditions. Continue Reading

Alice Horton's Famous Donuts

On Saturday evening, my great friends Nick, Kat, Zach and I tried our hand at making Alice Horton’s Famous Donuts. Will was there too.

The batter whipped together in no time, and I was super careful to follow the instructions to a t. Not privy to the secrets of donut-making, I was careful to avoid any obvious mistakes (such as not sifting the flour).

My best friend g. bakes by throwing all the ingredients in a bowl and mixing well. I was glad she wasn’t there to watch as I obsessively measured and sifted and remeasured and, well, I didn’t sift again. Continue Reading

A Great Winter Salad

I posted on Facebook awhile ago wondering what the winter salad is. I eat a lot of salads (one a day keeps me sane!). When the weather turns cold, I shy away from lettuce and other raw veggies. They take a lot of energy to digest, and when I’m using my energy warming myself up, the last thing I want is to sacrifice some of it to superfluous digestion.

Some friends came through with some great suggestions: whole grain salads with barley, garlic, orange zest, olive oil, and pickled veggies, roasted veggies tossed with herbs and balasamic, and green salads full of fennel citrus and red onion. Yum!!

I have more experimenting ahead of me, but I want to share this awesome recipe my aunt Liz suggested: Tassajara Warm Red Cabbage Salad.

Composed of sauteed red onion, cabbage, raisins, feta and slightly sweet toasted sunflower seeds, this warm salad is sweet, savory, crunchy and warm. I nervously made it for the first time and brought it to a Thanksgiving potluck the other week. I wasn’t sure what the reaction would be–I’ve met many people afraid of cabbage and raisins (I was once myself!). I was shocked by what a hit this salad was! I had even been hoping to take some home with me, but alas, no luck.

I make it in the Cuisinart and last night I whipped it up a second time in literally twenty minutes. That’s pretty quick for me — I’m a slow cook. My aunt recommends making extra sunflower seeds (they store well and are great for snacking) and adding more raisins, balsamic and feta than the recipe suggests. I agree!

Tupperware’s Stuffables containers are AWESOME for storing dishes like this. At first glance, my dish wasn’t going to fit in the container:

But thankfully, the flexible lid accommodates!!

A lifetime guarantee, flexible lids and it’s even dishwasher safe. Get yours today!

Surprise Pack

I’ve been a Tupperware sales consultant for years, and I am continually mystified by this product they offer from time to time: the Surprise Pack.

This is how they bill it:

“Save 60% on Surprise Packs!
Requires a $25 Order
Save now on an assortment of Tupperware®
product solutions that can help make your life
easier. Product assortments may include any of
the following Tupperware favorites: One Touch®
Bowl Set, Heat ’N Serve® container, Kid’s
Lunch Solution Set, Spring Apron, Hamburger
Press Freezer Set and/or a Refrigerator Bowl
Set. Limit one with each $25 order. $100 value.
889195  $40.00”

So with a $25 Tupperware order, customers earn the ability to spend $40.00 on $100 of mystery Tupperware.  I, as a Tupperware aficionado, understand the varied uses of Tupperware products.  I use Tupperware to hold my paper clips, rubber bands, and sewing kit to name a few of the oddest uses.  I have a few shallow ones that help me organize loose tea bags.  Whenever I find something that needs to be organized I look through my stockpile of Tupperware for something that will work.

But even I have never thought it a good idea to invest in one of these Surprise Packs, no matter how much the discount is.  It’s just such a gamble!  I will perhaps acquire some of a fairly long list of products.  If I wanted those products badly enough, wouldn’t I rather just pay for it?

I’m sure that what’s actually going on is that they have a bunch of extras of everything on the Surprise Pack list.  If you take this gamble, you may very well may wind up with three Tupperware aprons (which I can’t even find a picture of anywhere so it’s obviously a product that no one liked!).

But if this Tupperware Surprise Pack sounds good to you, you can only buy it by contacting me at Leave me a phone number and we’ll get your order placed!  Deadline October 8th.

There’s also a really good special you can only get by ordering through me (i.e., can’t get it online). The Clear Mates 12pc set ($101) is on sale for $49!  These are great for organizing your fridge and the Modular shape means you can fit TONS of leftovers in limited space.  Deadline October 8th for this particular deal.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Tupperware

Top 4 Tupperware Products that Will Save YOU Money IMMEDIATELY

And don’t forget, you can shop for Tupperware online all day every day at!

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Tupperware

Back when I first started selling Tupperware in 2005, my sister and I created the above Why Tupperware graphic (still viewable at my Tupperware site!)

5.  Burp the air and liquid tight seal!

Patented in 1950, the airtight seal of Tupperware was the first of its kind.

Today, Tupperware keeps your food the freshest for the longest with its air and liquid (including oil!) tight seal.  Your leftovers and lunch to go will never spill all over your bag again!

To ensure maximum freshness, when storing food, remember to burp the seal.  Lift the tab on the lid and push down on the center to let the air out of the container and ensure that your food will be kept fresher longest.

Shop now at my Tupperware store!

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Top 4 Tupperware Products that Will Save YOU Money IMMEDIATELY

Tupperware designs its products with the consumer in mind. Since it’s invention in 1946, Tupperware has been the highest quality, most durable food storage option available. Back in the fifties, housewives would take it to the store with them to avoid using plastic bags; Tupperware has always been the greenest food storage available. The following are the top four Tupperware products that I guarantee that with use will save you money immediately! Continue Reading