Top 4 Tupperware Products that Will Save YOU Money IMMEDIATELY

Tupperware designs its products with the consumer in mind. Since it’s invention in 1946, Tupperware has been the highest quality, most durable food storage option available. Back in the fifties, housewives would take it to the store with them to avoid using plastic bags; Tupperware has always been the greenest food storage available. The following are the top four Tupperware products that I guarantee that with use will save you money immediately!

Flat Outs

Flat Outs are one of my all-time favorites. Each one flattens for easy storage.  They are ideal for taking your lunch to work, and for homes with limited storage options.

I use the 4 cup size (available separately in sets of two) for taking leftovers or a large salad to go (wonderful for taking your lunch to work!). The best part about them is that if you take one to go and flatten it after you eat, on the way home you have far less to carry back home.  Eat healthier and save money along the way!

Carry a small one in your purse or bag for leftovers from restaurants and be the greenest on your block!

Flat Outs can be washed in the dishwasher flat (I wish I had a dishwasher 🙂 ) and when stored flat take up hardly any storage space at all.  The set of six fits conviently in their accompanying storage unit which can be mounted to a wall.  Flat Outs are not microwave safe (see below).

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Vent N’ Serves (on sale today!)

Vent N’ Serves are made for hot leftovers.  They have this little pull tab on top that opens an air vent; this allows the steam to escape when you are microwaving.  You can microwave them with the lid on!  Never have a mess of splattered chili, soup or Thai food all over your microwave again!

Vent N’ Serves come in varying sizes to fit your needs: Large ones for family-sized leftovers; individual sizes for taking your lunch to work.  Around here, we like to make large batches of soup or chili, freeze and store the leftovers; we wind up eating twenty meals for the price of two out.

Use these to take cold leftovers for work too (just no need to microwave-ha!).

When you feel the solid construction of these microwave containers, you will never microwave your leftovers in a drug-store bought food storage option again!

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Fridgesmart Containers (on sale today!)

KEEP YOUR PRODUCE FRESHER FOR LONGER. Seriously. If that’s not money in the wallet, I don’t know what is.

I’ve been using Fridgesmart Containers for years, and let me tell you: A bag of lettuce lasts at least twice as long. Once in awhile I’m lazy and I don’t transfer a bag of TJs baby mix to my Fridgesmart container and without fail, it goes bad within three days instead of lasting a week and a half minimum.

Carrots and celery will last for practically ever.

Fridgesmart Containers have these air vents and a ribbed bottom that allow air to flow around your veggies, which keeps them from going bad (I’m not too informed on the science but I guarantee they work!).

The larger models have imprinted on the side a chart that tells you how much air different veggies require (there are two vents–use one for lettuce, two for celery; who knew?!).

The medium sized Fridgesmarts are the perfect size for a bag of lettuce or spinach from TJs. The smallest one is good for berries or mushrooms. The largest one I fill with celery, carrots, daikon, green onions… all of my salad veggies. Then I just grab it and the medium one full of lettuce, chop and boom! I have a salad.

Please note: The large round container is FREAKING HUGE and you don’t need it unless you need to store six or so artichokes regularly.

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Freezer Mates (on sale today!)

Save money by preparing large batches of food and storing it in these conveniently-sized freezer mates.  I recommend chili or bean soup–easy to make, delicious and cheap.  Freezer Mates are also good for general leftover storage in the fridge.

Their modular size maximizes space and allows them to stack easily in your fridge and freezer. Like all Tupperware, the air tight seal with extend the life of food.  Clear containers let you know what’s inside.

Freezer Mates’ rounded corners allow the frozen food to slip right out and into your waiting pot.  Warm meals for one or six in minutes!

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