Top 5 Reasons to Choose Tupperware

Back when I first started selling Tupperware in 2005, my sister and I created the above Why Tupperware graphic (still viewable at my Tupperware site!)

5.  Burp the air and liquid tight seal!

Patented in 1950, the airtight seal of Tupperware was the first of its kind.

Today, Tupperware keeps your food the freshest for the longest with its air and liquid (including oil!) tight seal.  Your leftovers and lunch to go will never spill all over your bag again!

To ensure maximum freshness, when storing food, remember to burp the seal.  Lift the tab on the lid and push down on the center to let the air out of the container and ensure that your food will be kept fresher longest.

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Tupperware offers a selection of small containers great for kid (and adult) snacks, small leftovers, and taking sauces, milk and salad dressing to work.

4.  Innovative Design

Tupperware provides specialized solutions for different food storage options.  From the Vent N’ Serves for hot leftovers that allow you to microwave with the lid on and avoid the mess to the Fridgesmarts that keep produce fresher for longer than any other product, Tupperware has a design that will make your kitchen life more convenient and save you money.

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Storing food and making life easier isn't all that Tupperware is good for!

3.  Tupperware is Forever

Made of high-quality plastics that don’t leach into food, Tupperware lasts.  To prove it, most products come with the famous Tupperware Lifetime Guarantee.

JenMom uses the Tupperware everyday that she bought more than thirty years ago.  The food storage options available at the drug store haven’t even been around that long, and I’m sure you can testify, do not stand the test of time (can we say “planned obsolescence” anyone?).  Not only is Tupperware high quality enough to last for decades, but lost Tupperware lids are replaceable–just contact me!

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When I first discovered Tupperware, I envied my Mom's stash...most of which she'd had for twenty or more years.


I quote Real Simple Magazine, “By surrounding yourself with bright colors…you can give yourself the needed energy boost to face the day.”

Each Tupperware product comes delightfully dressed with at least a splash of color.  Washing dishes isn’t my favorite, but I smile at the colors that come my way with my Tupperware collection.  Why not add some beauty to your homelife while adding quality and sophisticated design?  Tupperware does it!

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1.  Award-winning, You-centric Designs

Tupperware’s been hot since the get-go and it remains innovative today.  Winner of the Good Housekeeping “Good Buy” award and named of Forutne Magazine’s “Top 25 Products of the YEar”, Flat Outs flatten when you’re finished–perfect for on-the-go and for saving space in the cabinets and dishwasher.

Most Tupperware is dishwasher safe, and all are designed to save you money and time!!

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