Top 5 Reasons to Choose Tupperware

Back when I first started selling Tupperware in 2005, my sister and I created the above Why Tupperware graphic (still viewable at my Tupperware site!)

5.  Burp the air and liquid tight seal!

Patented in 1950, the airtight seal of Tupperware was the first of its kind.

Today, Tupperware keeps your food the freshest for the longest with its air and liquid (including oil!) tight seal.  Your leftovers and lunch to go will never spill all over your bag again!

To ensure maximum freshness, when storing food, remember to burp the seal.  Lift the tab on the lid and push down on the center to let the air out of the container and ensure that your food will be kept fresher longest.

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Top 4 Tupperware Products that Will Save YOU Money IMMEDIATELY

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