Surprise Pack

I’ve been a Tupperware sales consultant for years, and I am continually mystified by this product they offer from time to time: the Surprise Pack.

This is how they bill it:

“Save 60% on Surprise Packs!
Requires a $25 Order
Save now on an assortment of Tupperware®
product solutions that can help make your life
easier. Product assortments may include any of
the following Tupperware favorites: One Touch®
Bowl Set, Heat ’N Serve® container, Kid’s
Lunch Solution Set, Spring Apron, Hamburger
Press Freezer Set and/or a Refrigerator Bowl
Set. Limit one with each $25 order. $100 value.
889195  $40.00”

So with a $25 Tupperware order, customers earn the ability to spend $40.00 on $100 of mystery Tupperware.  I, as a Tupperware aficionado, understand the varied uses of Tupperware products.  I use Tupperware to hold my paper clips, rubber bands, and sewing kit to name a few of the oddest uses.  I have a few shallow ones that help me organize loose tea bags.  Whenever I find something that needs to be organized I look through my stockpile of Tupperware for something that will work.

But even I have never thought it a good idea to invest in one of these Surprise Packs, no matter how much the discount is.  It’s just such a gamble!  I will perhaps acquire some of a fairly long list of products.  If I wanted those products badly enough, wouldn’t I rather just pay for it?

I’m sure that what’s actually going on is that they have a bunch of extras of everything on the Surprise Pack list.  If you take this gamble, you may very well may wind up with three Tupperware aprons (which I can’t even find a picture of anywhere so it’s obviously a product that no one liked!).

But if this Tupperware Surprise Pack sounds good to you, you can only buy it by contacting me at Leave me a phone number and we’ll get your order placed!  Deadline October 8th.

There’s also a really good special you can only get by ordering through me (i.e., can’t get it online). The Clear Mates 12pc set ($101) is on sale for $49!  These are great for organizing your fridge and the Modular shape means you can fit TONS of leftovers in limited space.  Deadline October 8th for this particular deal.

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  1. Gayle made me get rid of all my confettios! But it’s true, they would need a Tupperware if I still had them. Remember the places for seals? I can’t believe they cancelled that product. Now _that’s_ a great Tupperware for organizing your Tupperware!

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