Best Night of My Life: Pulp at the Warfield

I fell in love with Pulp as an impressionable youth. The song Underwear appealed to my pubescent fantasies…and my flair for the dramatic. From there, the love affair only got stronger, as I explored the ins and outs of Jarvis’ clever lyrics, sex-obsessed dance songs, and melo-dramatic ballads. I’ve been in love ever since. The show last week was the realization of a long-time dream…to be in the same room…to dance as they played…to sing along on the top of my lungs…

The month before this show, I was frantic. Every Pulp album was on repeat. I sang Disco 2000 a cappella in the shower each morning. I contemplated marrying someone whose last name began with a “C” so I too could sing truthfully, “I’m not Jesus, but I have the same initials.”

Even as the concert approached, I couldn’t believe it was happening. To finally — after all these years — have Pulp reunite and tour!! And for my most awesome friend Jesse to throw me a ticket even after I couldn’t get one the day they went on sale!! Oooh, if I’m not the luckiest girl in the world.

Last Tuesday evening will be an evening I relive over and over. To ease this, I’m embedding videos for the songs they played in the correct order. Oh and here’s my best photo of Jarvis…a man I probably would despise getting involved with, but would anyway.

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Questions for the Angels

I’m pretty obsessed lately with the newest Paul Simon album, “So Beautiful or So What?”.

At first it was his fantastic song about bureaucracy in the afterlife, The Afterlife.

And now it’s Questions for the Angels. My favorite line:

If you shop for love in a bargain store
And you don’t get what you bargained for
Can you get your money back?

Beautiful song, yes? We wouldn’t expect anything less from Paul Simon, though, would we? Continue Reading

A perfect day – but not a perfect ending. I feel like I’m about to cry.

A perfect day – but not a perfect ending. I feel like I’m about to cry. For no particular reason. I was listening to Kenny G. and a wave of saddness came over me. I have no idea why. Suddenly I really wanted to go back to school and see all those people I adore. I miss them all. But on Mon. I won’t see the most familiary friendly face of all. Becky will be in Tecas completing another day of hell – I won’t be seeing her anytime soon. I miss her sooo much. For some reason tonight brought back some feelings. Not very good ones. I don’t know what they’re from, but if anything happened right now – I would break out crying. It might happen anyway.

Today I went to Tower Records and got “music Box” – Mariah Carey, “janet” Janet Jackson, the soundtrack for The Bodyguard – Whitney Houston & “Breathless” – Kenny G. I spent $30! Now I’m borke and I didn’t get half the stuff I wanted! Continue Reading

For Xmas I got iceskates! and a walkman! and a few singles & the soundtrack to Free Willy.

Happy New Year!

I wanted to have a party but Emily came over and I couldn’t have had more fun.  Except maybe w/ Becky & Emily! I (we) called Becky at 11, thinking it might be midnight there!  It was 1!  I got to remember that Texas is a 2 hour difference.

All vacation I have been thinking about Mike.  I can still see him walking up to Mrs. Capitani’s desk with his Sharks non-parka on – he was SO CUTE.  Just like a big teddy bear! Except he’s not overstuffed!

I can’t even remember what song we kinda danced to – if you can count what we did as dancing.  I think it was UB40 – Can’t Help Falling in Love – but I guess I’ll never know.

For Xmas I got iceskates!  and a walkman! and a few singles & the soundtrack to Free Willy.

That about wraps it up.  I’m not excactly dissapointed but in my stocking I got peanuts! Jeezz!  Santa didn’t come, either.  I don’t really mind – I love what I got! Continue Reading

If you leave

I woke up with this song in my head.  I know I’m sleepy and maybe a little emo as a result, but this video just made me cry.

Now all I want to do is curl up and watch Pretty in Pink. And–curses to technology–I’m sure I could find it on the internets, blow off everything and lay around and do just that.

Is life better when one has to say no to wonderful movies at every juncture?? Continue Reading

We got an office!!!

I’ve dared to day dream of an office lately.

After 2 1/2 years plus of working out of my living room and running Artsy Geek via Skype and coffee shop meetings, I felt life was passing me by.

It wasn’t that I didn’t get out…I did.  But not as much as I wanted to.

It’s funny the strange packages answers to dreams come in.  I met with a potential client last week.  We instantly hit it off and she was telling me about how she needed to get an office space immediately.  I asked her what she was looking for in the office space.  When her words echoed my needs exactly, I ventured to mention my interest.

Not two days later she had found us an affordable office space with room to entertain clients and interns housed in one of the coolest art gallery / warehouse spaces I had ever visited on my Oakland Art Murmur wanderings.

Yesterday we sealed the deal. Warehouse 416 is the new home to both Artsy Geek and Sarahbek Images.

The whole walk back to my home office, my head sang, “Let’s put a new coat of paint on this lonesome old office…”

Misisipi Rider’s Ghost of Johnny Cash

Before we moved in together, my amazing boyfriend would make me mixtapes every so often. He has the amazing ability to pick songs that I don’t know yet and grow to love.

I listened to one of his tapes over the weekend and remembered this amazing song by Misisipi Rider. I was disgruntled to discover via Youtube that they toured San Francisco earlier this year!

Note to self: Never miss another show by Misisipi Rider. At least I can be there vicariously via youtube.

Here they are, performing at Cafe Du Nord. I’m so thankful for the sheer talent of my fellow humans. 😀

In love with that song as much as I am? The studio version is even better. Download the mp3 and support independent musicians! (Seriously, of that 99 cents, how much do you think Misisipi Rider gets??)

I didn’t win

I know this is going to come as a huge, unwelcome surprise because you all voted for me so very many times, but I didn’t win the NYC Flash Fiction Microchallenge Contest.  Or whatever it was called.  I never really got that straight.

This loss is merely a bump on the road to Internet domination, but I found myself getting bummed about it late last night when I figured it out.

And then I remembered one of my stories that didn’t make it into the final round:

She gasped for more oxygen. Her sons were safe now. But she couldn’t escape the slice of the boat.

This is the true story of how Kirsty MacColl met her horrible and untimely death. I first met Kirsty when our friend William introduced her song, In These Shoes, on a mixtape back in 2005.  I was instantly in love.

Her death is a tragedy unparalleled.

Gives you some appreciation for life and loved ones, doesn’t it? Every moment counts.