Best Night of My Life: Pulp at the Warfield

I fell in love with Pulp as an impressionable youth. The song Underwear appealed to my pubescent fantasies…and my flair for the dramatic. From there, the love affair only got stronger, as I explored the ins and outs of Jarvis’ clever lyrics, sex-obsessed dance songs, and melo-dramatic ballads. I’ve been in love ever since. The show last week was the realization of a long-time dream…to be in the same room…to dance as they played…to sing along on the top of my lungs…

The month before this show, I was frantic. Every Pulp album was on repeat. I sang Disco 2000 a cappella in the shower each morning. I contemplated marrying someone whose last name began with a “C” so I too could sing truthfully, “I’m not Jesus, but I have the same initials.”

Even as the concert approached, I couldn’t believe it was happening. To finally — after all these years — have Pulp reunite and tour!! And for my most awesome friend Jesse to throw me a ticket even after I couldn’t get one the day they went on sale!! Oooh, if I’m not the luckiest girl in the world.

Last Tuesday evening will be an evening I relive over and over. To ease this, I’m embedding videos for the songs they played in the correct order. Oh and here’s my best photo of Jarvis…a man I probably would despise getting involved with, but would anyway.

Do You Remember the First Time




Something Changed

DISCO 2000!!!!

Sorted out for E’s and Whizz

“And you want to call your mother and say, ‘Mother…I can never come home again because I seem to have left an important part of my brain somewhere…somewhere…in a field in Hampshire!'”

Acrylic Afternoons

Pencil Skirt

Like a Friend


(Ooooh to have Jarvis’s babies!!!)


This is Hardcore

My FAVORITE karaoke song.


Bar Italia

Common People

Encore 1: Glory Days

Party Hard


Encore 2! My Lighthouse

Thank you Pulp for everything. And please come again!!

Were you there? What was your favorite part??

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