I didn’t win

I know this is going to come as a huge, unwelcome surprise because you all voted for me so very many times, but I didn’t win the NYC Flash Fiction Microchallenge Contest.  Or whatever it was called.  I never really got that straight.

This loss is merely a bump on the road to Internet domination, but I found myself getting bummed about it late last night when I figured it out.

And then I remembered one of my stories that didn’t make it into the final round:

She gasped for more oxygen. Her sons were safe now. But she couldn’t escape the slice of the boat.

This is the true story of how Kirsty MacColl met her horrible and untimely death. I first met Kirsty when our friend William introduced her song, In These Shoes, on a mixtape back in 2005.  I was instantly in love.

Her death is a tragedy unparalleled.

Gives you some appreciation for life and loved ones, doesn’t it? Every moment counts.

Whatchu think?

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