Misisipi Rider’s Ghost of Johnny Cash

Before we moved in together, my amazing boyfriend would make me mixtapes every so often. He has the amazing ability to pick songs that I don’t know yet and grow to love.

I listened to one of his tapes over the weekend and remembered this amazing song by Misisipi Rider. I was disgruntled to discover via Youtube that they toured San Francisco earlier this year!

Note to self: Never miss another show by Misisipi Rider. At least I can be there vicariously via youtube.

Here they are, performing at Cafe Du Nord. I’m so thankful for the sheer talent of my fellow humans. 😀

In love with that song as much as I am? The studio version is even better. Download the mp3 and support independent musicians! (Seriously, of that 99 cents, how much do you think Misisipi Rider gets??)

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