Nothing they could do to me is going to be as bad as what we’re going to do to them.

I named my new GAP Baby bear after Mike. I named him dubleve sanc cinq for W5. It’s in french. W5 is for Who, What, Where When, and Why. Get it? I named my dog that I got him from Great America Martin for Robbie M . Not that he’s a dog or anything. I can always change that one, though. Yestaerday Robbie asked me if I was going out w/ Mike S. I said no, of course. How could he insult me that way. I’d never go out with him. He can be sweet and I consider him a friend. Then, Robbie asked me if I’d gone out w/ Andy. Again I had to say I didn’t.

Emily says Mike was watching me in French. She said she turned around to ask him for a piece of paper and he was watching me. Maybe I have a chance with him.

Yesterday in PE oh god I get embaressed just thinking about it. Okay here goes… Mrs. J asked me if I had my PE shirt on. I said yes, even though I didn’t. Now, I don’t know why I lied but no use crying over spilled milk. She made me prove it. I pulled up my PE sweatshirt, and guess what? Nothing underneath! What a surprise! She gave me a lecture, then and there. Mike and Andy also scolded me. While Andy was scolding me his face was no more than an inch from my face. I drew back, uncomfortable. Now that I have written it down, it’s funny. I was just so embarressed at the time. I hope people don’t spread it around.

Earlier in PE, I heard Andy and Mike talking. Of course I heard them, I stand right next to them in roll call. Mike was telling Andy something about Alyssia, Andy’s girlfriend. I wasn’t really paying attention, but I heard Andy say something like, “no, I was talking about her. You like her don’t you?” I hope they were talking about me! I was standing right next to them, so I could be “her.”

On to a not so happier subject.


She, Natalie and Ana are planning something. Well, me and Emily are planning somethings too. I can’t mention them yet, but soon.

Alexis probably has Billy and Jeff on her side.

Emily’s going to try to talk to Mike in French to get him on my side. Then I have Bryan P., although he doesn’t know yet, on my side. Emily’s going to talk to Becki R. and get the whole cliche on our side. She who laughs last, laughs best. I’m going to laugh BEST! There is no way I’m going to let Alexis win this! Nothing they could do to me is going to be as bad as what we’re going to do to them.



I love dubleve cinq!!!


The humiliation after the jump!

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