Money Saving Tip for 2012: Keep Wearing those Torn Jeans

Awhile ago I posted about my painful life lesson: skinny jeans rip.  I was in love with my skinny jeans — wearing them all the time — and then RIIIP boom they had a big old hole in the crotch.

Well since then I must have lost three more pairs of jeans — skinny or otherwise — to holes in the crotch or butt.  They’ve been accumulating in a pile waiting to be taken to the tailor so that I might get them repaired and wear them again.

I’m fairly slow at accomplishing that sort of non-essential life task.  Thankfully in the interim I discovered the solution: wear bike shorts underneath!

No matter how you look at it, I’m saving money.  I’m not buying new jeans, and I’m not paying a tailor. And, you know, the number of people inspecting my crotch for holes is probably pretty small, so I figure I’m fooling the majority of the people.  Continue Reading

I’m doing it again. I like the guy I can’t have.

What a weekend! I did so much and got so much! I got that new/old stereo and a new sweater. It is forest green and so warm! I love it! Tomorrow I’m going to wear it with black jeans and a black turtleneck. I made some new earrings tonight that I’ll wear w/ it. Black socks and shoes complete the outfit. I made two gorgeous chockers at Emily’s last night. I’ll probably wear one of them on Tues.

I think Mike liked me last year. I think he likes me this year too. So what does that tell me? It tells me that if he didn’t ask me out last year why would he this year? I know, I should let it get out that I like him but I don’t want too. It might give him more confidence and then he’d ask me out but I don’t want it out! And then if the other guys I like hear I’ll lose all chance of going out with them! Same thing if I went out w/ Mike but that would be different…

I’m doing it again. I like the guy I can’t have. He’s in the cliche and everything. Same as Chan. But it’s different. I might actually have a chance w/ Mike.

I just found out M+D won’t let me use their little tape recorder to spy on Alexis. I would have had a better chance of getting it if I hadn’t told them the reason. They wouldn’t let me have it w/o a reason so I didn’t have much of a chance. Continue Reading

Tomorrow is the beginning of 7th grade. I’m not nervous.

Tomorrow is the beginning of 7th grade. I’m not nervous. My classes are spread out all over the school.

I have an absolutely great outfit. It is all black w/a crochet vest. Crochet is in.

Today Mom and I went to get stuff. I got myself a new brush and deodorant and Clearisil. I need it to get rid of the many zits on my forehead. I’m lucky though my bangs cover them.

Life Lessons: Skinny Jeans

Sidenote: I didn’t get the Jennings memo till I saw a sign in the window of a local shop and assumed it was a typo.  Who could be so silly as to make a giant sign with such a glaring error?  Well, I was the one making the error!

I went shopping one day last year with my roommate Ellen, who is so fit and stylish that it makes me jealous and proud all rolled into one little rum ball. She coerced me into buying my first pair of skinny jeans, a trend that I thought would accentuate my pear-shaped body and make me look utterly ridiculous.  Never mind that some of the curviest of my friends rock the skinny jeans all day long and I never think that their bottom halves look ridiculous.  That’s the way it is–as I’m sure you know.  Everyone else looks good, but I certainly don’t. The curse of modern-day women: body envy.

I put the skinny jeans on and I was terrified yet enamored.  They were tight but yet they smoothed my imperfections.  Ellen suggested I do some squats to move into them. That helped me feel at home. As the year progressed, I wore them more and more, but conservatively. I only had one pair, after all, and I needed them to last.

Tonight I was boogieing to some Fats Domino — a record we possess but which I’d never taken the time to listen to — and it was glorious.  Right when I was really moving, “RIIIIPPPPPP.”

That’s the peril of skinny jeans.  They rip when you boogie. I’ve also been informed that they can rip when you ride bikes too.

And now for your boogieing pleasure, Fats Domino, I’m Ready.

Boycotting Extravagant Amounts of New Clothes

I caught the late morning TBS movie this morning, Last Holiday starring Queen Latifah.  It was quite good and would have made me inspired to quit my day job and follow my dreams if I hadn’t already done that.  But it did give me a boost of inspiration to keep it going.

The TBS feature was Movie and a Makeover which meant that they interrupted the movie a few times to tell us how to do our make up and that we need to run out to TJ Maxx or Marshall’s (the sponsors of the feature) and buy many holiday dresses — or separates that we can wear all year long. Continue Reading

Nobody has voted for ‘A’, but I think Dad might. ‘A’ is very plain, but I like it.

Count Down 18

The day before school starts I think I”ll get a “French Manicure.” It’ll look neat with any outfit.

These are the outfits in question.

I’m not sure what I’m wearing yet. I’m not even sure what my vote is.

Mom and Sara thought ‘C’. ‘C’ has hearts so I don’t think it would be my favorite.

Kelly and Lorenda said ‘B.’

Nobody has voted for ‘A’, but I think Dad might. ‘A’ is very plain, but I like it.

I have not gotten my packet yet. I was so sure it would come today. It has to come tomorrow.

I go to Sea Ranch, come back, go to sleep, and go to school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Count down 18

Only 18 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I go to Sea Ranch, come back, go to sleep, and go to school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh God! I have to decide what to wear.



a. white shorts
jean shorts top
b. blue shorts
flowered top
c. white or blue shorts
Jordash top

a. 1. white shows dirt. 2. is very light
b. 1. top needs undershirt 2. undershirt looks like a bra 3. not my favorite shorts 4. zipper does not stay up
c. 1. blue shorts have stain 2. has hearts on it

So I started a new one…


a. Jean tie-top-sleeveless
White shorts-jean
b. Flowered tie-top-sleeveless
Pink shorts
c. Jordash tie-top-can be short sleeves
Blue shorts
d. Tropical tie-top-sleeveless
Torquise shorts-jean

Complete with lots of blanks for asking other people! There was some code employed here…pink or purple. The notes “hoops” or “orientals” refer to what earrings I should wear with the outfit.


Me! – a b c d e
Erin – a b c d e
Mom – a b c d e
Dad – a b c d e
Sara – a b c d e ORIENTALS
Becky – a b c d e
Lorenda – a b c d e HOOPS

______ – a b c d e
______ – a b c d e
______ – a b c d e


a. sexy top, my colors, bright
b. sexy top, flowered, my colors
c. my colors, neat-looking
d. very colorful

Crossing out the pros and cons was not good enough for me. No, I had to scribble them out entirely. Too bad future me can read it anyway! Also, the big holes referred to in Cons letter D are the big arm holes that–if I was unlucky–one could peek through to see my bosom.


a. white shows dirt
b. baggy shorts, zipper comes down
c. has hearts, long-sleeved
d. big holes