Boycotting Extravagant Amounts of New Clothes

I caught the late morning TBS movie this morning, Last Holiday starring Queen Latifah.  It was quite good and would have made me inspired to quit my day job and follow my dreams if I hadn’t already done that.  But it did give me a boost of inspiration to keep it going.

The TBS feature was Movie and a Makeover which meant that they interrupted the movie a few times to tell us how to do our make up and that we need to run out to TJ Maxx or Marshall’s (the sponsors of the feature) and buy many holiday dresses — or separates that we can wear all year long.

“You’re going to need a lot of new clothes for all the parties that you’re going to,” the stylist informed us.

Well, I love new clothes.  I love new dresses.  But buying a dress to wear it once has always seemed extravagant to me.  I wore my prom dress five times dressed as a zombie prom queen.

And so in protest of the message of TBS’ Movie and a Makeover, I am wearing the same outfit to both my parties this weekend.  And it isn’t even a dress.

Take that consumerism.

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