I’m doing it again. I like the guy I can’t have.

What a weekend! I did so much and got so much! I got that new/old stereo and a new sweater. It is forest green and so warm! I love it! Tomorrow I’m going to wear it with black jeans and a black turtleneck. I made some new earrings tonight that I’ll wear w/ it. Black socks and shoes complete the outfit. I made two gorgeous chockers at Emily’s last night. I’ll probably wear one of them on Tues.

I think Mike liked me last year. I think he likes me this year too. So what does that tell me? It tells me that if he didn’t ask me out last year why would he this year? I know, I should let it get out that I like him but I don’t want too. It might give him more confidence and then he’d ask me out but I don’t want it out! And then if the other guys I like hear I’ll lose all chance of going out with them! Same thing if I went out w/ Mike but that would be different…

I’m doing it again. I like the guy I can’t have. He’s in the cliche and everything. Same as Chan. But it’s different. I might actually have a chance w/ Mike.

I just found out M+D won’t let me use their little tape recorder to spy on Alexis. I would have had a better chance of getting it if I hadn’t told them the reason. They wouldn’t let me have it w/o a reason so I didn’t have much of a chance.

What kind of parents don't let their daughter borrow their tape recorder to spy on her friends??

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