My reality fell even deeper into a black hole.

Today was pretty boring. My reality fell even deeper into a black hole. In Math, Alyssia asked Ana where she had been all morning! (Ana was late) Ana says Alyssia doesn’t hate her anymore. I wish Alyssia didn’t hate me anymore. In the whole clicke, Becki is the only one who treats me with any decency. Maybe I’m quiet around them because they’ve never included me in anything. I swear when our troop takes car trips they call “middle shotgun” and play “I Spyy,” completely leaving me, Jessica, Christy and Jenni B. out. Maybe I should liven up at Girl Scouts. I mean I’m usually so hyper! But the second any of them get around I’m afraid of them stereotyping me so I quiet down and I don’t say anything. I wish they’d warm up to me. Then again, maybe I need to warm up to them. Of course what good would that do? They probably would ignore me. I don’t know what to do. Maybe I’ll quit the trouop. But I don’t want to. That’s my last connection to Becki. I’ve given up on Amy. She’ll never accept me. I’ll work on Becki. Somehow.

Girl Scout Cookies: Stingier than they used to be

The last year I sold Girl Scout cookies was 1999. Yes, it’s true, I was an 18-year-old Girl Scout.

Here’s a photo for proof:

In 1999, Girl Scout cookies cost $3.50 a box. This is after years of the price going up so regularly that customers expected and joked about it.

Fast forward 13 years and Girl Scout cookies are now $4.00 a box. How is it possible that they only have gone up $0.50??

Instead of increasing the cost, they’ve decreased the yield.

Thin mint rolls used to fill up the box…give a full box a shake now and it doubles as a maraca…the rolls of cookies bouncing around. I swear that peanut butter patties (aka Tagalongs) used to come six to a roll, not the measely five you now get.

It’s the truth and it’s pretty sad, but I can’t really blame the Girl Scouts…it’s all marketing…no one wants to pay more than $4 for a box of cookies.

And three cheers for the Girl Scouts for being inclusive of that transgendered kid. Makin’ me proud. Continue Reading

The relationship didn’t last long. He didn’t even know we were going out!

What a day! Because so much happened, I’ll start at the beginning and work my way through the day.

A°: ran a mile without stopping! When I told Mrs. A about it she said “Great” entusiastically. Then I almost started to cry, what a mood swing! Then Christy was asking about how hard it was for her to run the mile, sarcastically. She didn’t even do it! It really pissed me off! While I was testing for around the world Mike H commented on what a lousy shot I made which I did. He is so sweet! I made a corner shot, and the basket went Whoosh!

Advisement: nothing

1°: nothing

2°: Emily was absent and I forgot my flute. I’m going to to try out for the Berry sax. I hope I make it!

3°: Erica was absent. Nothing much happened.

4°: Natalie dumped Billy. He was really upset. I felt so bad for him. Natalie says that the reason she’s dumped him was because whenever the phone rings and her mom answers she gets really nervous because she’s not allowed to have a boyfriend. She’s so sweet! Continue Reading

I am such a dork

We were camping last weekend and, as usual, I made the entire camping party (including the two-year-old) play the Pick Up 40 Pieces of Trash Game.

This time about half way through I offered a “special treat” to those who went double or nothing and got 80.

I have yet to figure out what the Special Treat is. Any suggestions?

Moments later I was interacting with one of the Park Rangers who was cleaning the toilet. We had a pleasant enough interaction, but I couldn’t leave it at that.

No, I had to add, “I just had to tell you…collectively my group just picked up over 400 pieces of trash!!”

That’s when I started to feel really dumb. I started mumbling. “ know, I had the girls do it. And I used to be a Girl Scout. And you know Girl Scouts always leave places cleaner than when they found it.”

Brilliant, girl friend, brilliant.

Are you good at spotting trash? Find the offending garbage in this picture and get a special treat!

Do you see it???

Dad got on my case for saying “sucks”. Oh well. Lord. (sigh)

Actually maybe it’s June 14.  Yes, it’s past midnight and tomorrow, not wait.  Today is a school day.  GOD!!!!  Dad got on my case for saying “sucks”.  Oh well.  Lord.  (sigh)  I can not sleep.  At all.  I don’t know why.  I hate this book.  It is so hard to write in.  I’m hungry.  My stomach is empty.  I don’t know why I can’t sleep.  There are only 5 school days left in the year.  Last night (really, sort of tonight) was our girl scout ceremony.  This tuesday we are going to the Aquatic Center.  Hey, that’s tomorrow now.  Gosh. I’m starting a scrapbook.  All summer I’m going to be working on the Interest Projects.  That is what they’re called.  I’m a Cadet.  I’m so bored.  Now that Becky and I have made up it’s back to the old schedule. Continue Reading

Homemade Thin Mints

It’s Girl Scout cookie time.  I am reminded of all the hours I  spent as a girl wandering the streets selling cookies.  Sometimes it was fun, but it was always a fairly arduous task.

Amazingly, the last year I sold Girl Scout cookies was 1998 (yes I was a Girl Scout til the bitter end) and the price has hardly gone up since then.  I always notice, however, when I buy them now, how small they are.  I have to wonder if they’re making them smaller instead of raising the prices…people don’t want to pay more than $4 or $5 per box, after all. Continue Reading