My reality fell even deeper into a black hole.

Today was pretty boring. My reality fell even deeper into a black hole. In Math, Alyssia asked Ana where she had been all morning! (Ana was late) Ana says Alyssia doesn’t hate her anymore. I wish Alyssia didn’t hate me anymore. In the whole clicke, Becki is the only one who treats me with any decency. Maybe I’m quiet around them because they’ve never included me in anything. I swear when our troop takes car trips they call “middle shotgun” and play “I Spyy,” completely leaving me, Jessica, Christy and Jenni B. out. Maybe I should liven up at Girl Scouts. I mean I’m usually so hyper! But the second any of them get around I’m afraid of them stereotyping me so I quiet down and I don’t say anything. I wish they’d warm up to me. Then again, maybe I need to warm up to them. Of course what good would that do? They probably would ignore me. I don’t know what to do. Maybe I’ll quit the trouop. But I don’t want to. That’s my last connection to Becki. I’ve given up on Amy. She’ll never accept me. I’ll work on Becki. Somehow.

Questions? Comment? Cigars? Cigarettes?

2 thoughts on “My reality fell even deeper into a black hole.

  1. In this entry Ana Faron gains popularity… Rebecca Hunter is my only ally in the cliche, Jessica Patak, Christy Dunn and I are continually ignored on Girl Scout outings.

  2. Awww, you didn’t have to worry, I always liked having you as a friend. You were always true to yourself and I admired that.

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