Girl Scout Cookies: Stingier than they used to be

The last year I sold Girl Scout cookies was 1999. Yes, it’s true, I was an 18-year-old Girl Scout.

Here’s a photo for proof:

In 1999, Girl Scout cookies cost $3.50 a box. This is after years of the price going up so regularly that customers expected and joked about it.

Fast forward 13 years and Girl Scout cookies are now $4.00 a box. How is it possible that they only have gone up $0.50??

Instead of increasing the cost, they’ve decreased the yield.

Thin mint rolls used to fill up the box…give a full box a shake now and it doubles as a maraca…the rolls of cookies bouncing around. I swear that peanut butter patties (aka Tagalongs) used to come six to a roll, not the measely five you now get.

It’s the truth and it’s pretty sad, but I can’t really blame the Girl Scouts…it’s all marketing…no one wants to pay more than $4 for a box of cookies.

And three cheers for the Girl Scouts for being inclusive of that transgendered kid. Makin’ me proud.


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