I have no idea what’s going on in Robbie’s head. Or in mine. I don’t know what to think or feel.

Rejoice! Robbie and Keri broke up today.  Now he’s free and I’m supposed to make my move, which I kind of already have.  See, last night Ana and I were going through the yearbook (on the phone) trying to find guys to like.  Anyway we said we couldn’t like Robbie because we was taken.  So, at lunch I mentioned (to Ana, Natalie & Alexis) that we could like him now.  Kristen B. heard it and told Robbie I liked him.  Then Tom W. came over to ask me if I liked Robbie – I denied it but Ana said that I was madly in love w/ him.  Alexis backed up the story.  Soon, I was denying that I liked him left and right – to everyone but Robbie.  Then people said he was going to ask me out and would I go out with him.  Tom W. asked me out for him – but Alexis told him to have Robbie ask me out himself.  I saw very little of Robbie today.  Anyway, in block Kristen told me it was all a big joke and he wasn’t going to ask me out – but Cassie said he was.  I have no idea what’s going on in Robbie’s head.  Or in mine.  I don’t know what to think or feel.  I really want him to ask me out tomorrow but I don’t know if I’d say yes.  Alexis wants me to say yes.  I have a feeling she feels bad because I’ve never gone out with anyone and she has.  I just wish the talk would stop All of it.  There’s A LOT more.

On Tues Jeff told me in Math to give “a dog a bone.” I had no idea what that meant but everyone around me did.  I found out that meant by bone they meant boner, and a boner is a erection.  Isn’t that sick? Anyway in Block it got around that I didn’t know what a boner was and I was totally getting teased.  I didn’t mind.  Truthfully I enjoy the attention.  Now everyone’s shut up about that and started in about Robbie.

I found out Mike does know who I am and that I like him.  I am no longer as confused in that area.  I don’t like him any more.


Anyway last night I wrote down all the guys I know on a piece of paper and crossed off every seventh guy.  Who I ended up w/ was Pat S.  I had promised myself I’d like him for a day so today I had to like him.  I named him Beaches because of Sanders.  Anyway in Science Andy found out I liked him and that may seem bad but actually it’s good.  He’ll tell Mike I like Pat S. and Mike won’t think I like him anymore! But it’ll get around that I like Pat S. but who cares?  I just want to go out with someone so bad.  Robbie won’t ask me out but, hey, I can hope can’t I?

Did you ever PROMISE yourself that you'd like someone for a day even if you didn't? Ahh...the arbitrary nature of love.

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  1. Starring: Ana Faron, Natalie Darst, Kristen Brabender, Tom Wenig, Robbie somebody, Alexis, Andy Halseth, Jeff Manson, Pat Sanders, Cassie somebody…and the meaning of the phrase “Give a dog a bone!”

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