In one hour I will be 12! I LOVE MY LIFE!!!

In one hour I will be 12!  I LOVE MY LIFE!!!  I swear it!  I’m 12 (almost).  My room is clean.  My closet is organized.  My parents are wonderful.  I have the cutest sister in the world, who just gave me a $25 poster that I have been wanting forever!  My parents are giving me a $97 phone (I hope!)

I LOVE MY LIFE!!!  The only thing that’s wrong with it is that my best friend isn’t here to share it with me.  And that Steve isn’t my boyfriend! yet!  I am working on it.  Okay, so I’m not, but I will be!  This whole entry must sound corny but it’s how I feel! Continue Reading

I wish Steve would call tonight. I wouldn’t mind. Even if he wakes me up!

2 more days!  I am not really excited about being twelve.  The only thing that is happening is my phone.  And my party.  I’m going to have a movie party.  We will see “Coneheads”, come back and have pizza, not a big deal.

My present from Mom and Dad is the phone.  Nothing else.  Sara is giving me the poster from the Nature Co.  It’s of a underwater scene.

We haven’t gotten the phone bill yet, so how much I spent talking to Becky.  I hope it was reasonable.

Tomorrow we are going to copy the invitations, which I made myself, Thank you!  And mail them.  They will be late but, Oh well!  My party’s on Saturday.  This Saturday.

I wish Becky was here when I’m bored.  I have to be bored.  I can’t be bored on the phone with her, it sucks!

I wish Steve would call tonight.  I wouldn’t mind.  Even if he wakes me up!  I really like him.  He’s cute, he’s popular, he’s funny, he’s very popular and he’s nice.  What isn’t there to like?

TAA! Continue Reading

I don’t like Andy anymore. Now I like Steve. Cool. He’s cute, popular. I was about to say he’s smart. Well he might be.

I don’t like Andy anymore.  Now I like Steve.  Cool.  He’s cute, popular.  I was about to say he’s smart.  Well he might be.  I hope he doesn’t do to me what he did to Sarah T.  He asked her out and a couple minutes later he dumped her.

For my birthday I’m getting a phone.  Then Becky’s phone can be given to Erica!  I think I’ll get the Swatch Twin Phone.  It’s cool but its $97!  I don’t think Mom and Dad are going to spring for it.  Unless we get the money.  And then were moving to Arkansas.  Blech!  Hell! Continue Reading

All of my feelings look stupid on paper.

I haven’t done my homework in ages. I’m afraid I’m turning into Becky, never doing my homework on time.

Today I stayed home from school. I needed the rest.

Last night I was totally stressed about a history test today. It was open book! Oh, well.

All of my feelings look stupid on paper.

I don’t know who I like. There are a couple people I might like. O.K. for one? I’m not sure if I like Z.S. Ana says he says I’m a bitch. He told me Ana was a bitch. Oh, well. I just think he’s an ass. But I like him. Sort of. I don’t know.

Erica says O.K. likes me. I don’t know. He used to flirt with me. Not anymore though. Oh, well.

Do I like O.K.? I don’t think so.

Do you notice how all of a sudden I’m using initials to refer to my crushes?

The next page is folded in half with the label “Nobody ever open!” Lucky for us, I don’t respect 11-year-old me’s wishes much.

They are initials backwards!!! Such a complicated key just to disguise the crushes I’m not sure I had.

On to a more cheerful subject. If I can find one. Continue Reading


Tonight Becky + me spent hours and hours on the phone. Most of the time we didn’t even say a word, except Becky sang in her awful voice.

She sang the Block Buster Video song. Even as I write she is on the phone, singing.

Did I mention I’m in my room! Yes I GOT A PHONE

Actually it’s Becky’s but not for long. Just kidding. It’s until August. The phone can go into Sara’s room or the bathroom. I’m using line 2.

Cool huh. I think so.

Guess what?



Now I like someone different.

Just kidding.

Next year maybe I’ll be popular. Maybe not. How come everything will have it’s pros and cons?

Jamie will never be my friend. I have never made the first move. Maybe I could invite her over. Nah! Face it, Jennifer. You’ll never make the first move! Now I’m talking dates. I could never go up to a guy and say ‘I like you.’ Impossible. I couldn’t do that. Oh well.

Hard to believe that 18 years later I would walk into a bar and make new friends.

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I AM A SIXTH GRADER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I AM A SIXTH GRADER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do not believe it. I am growing up. Worse yet, I don’t know if I like it.

Going to PMS is going to be hard. The PMS campus is so big it’s like the sky.

Seriously, the acronym for my middle school was “P.M.S.”

It seems to never end. Oh, well. I didn’t win the fifth grade story contest. Continue Reading

I’ll be the only one in sixth grade without a phone.

Pool Party!!! It’s finally comin’ together.


Even at the age of 12 planning for my birthday party (not yet titled Jenfest) began months in advance.

I’ve had fun in fifth grade. Now there is only four days left. Only four days!!! Next year I’ll be in an humongous school with 1,000 people. I’ll never find my classes. Continue Reading