I don’t like Andy anymore. Now I like Steve. Cool. He’s cute, popular. I was about to say he’s smart. Well he might be.

I don’t like Andy anymore.  Now I like Steve.  Cool.  He’s cute, popular.  I was about to say he’s smart.  Well he might be.  I hope he doesn’t do to me what he did to Sarah T.  He asked her out and a couple minutes later he dumped her.

For my birthday I’m getting a phone.  Then Becky’s phone can be given to Erica!  I think I’ll get the Swatch Twin Phone.  It’s cool but its $97!  I don’t think Mom and Dad are going to spring for it.  Unless we get the money.  And then were moving to Arkansas.  Blech!  Hell!

I come by my penchant for get rich quick schemes honestly. This money was money that should have come in when oil was hit on some land we owned in New Mexico. Or something.


Speak up peeps.

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