I've long been coveting a carnivorous plant

Last summer I visited a shop in Stinson Beach and got to talking to the shop owner.  His work space was surrounded by a few carnivorous plants.  I expressed my surprise that he was keeping them inside and would want such terrifying plants so close by*.  He said that you wouldn’t believe how many bugs they catch–bugs that he doesn’t have to hang out with in his workspac

Well, I didn’t think that there were that many bugs to catch in my workplace.  I noted his eccentrities and moved on.

But every since I notice dozens of bugs a day!!  And every time I see (or hear) one I covet his carnivorous plants silently chugging along to do their part in making a peaceful workplace.    I’ve been noticing these bugs and coveting carnivorous plants for close to a year, and yet I haven’t managed to acquire a carnivorous plant.  Sure, I know exactly where to go to get one, but I haven’t found the time or pocket change to make that trek.  But this is my promise that I will not let another year go by without a carnivorous plant in my office, happily eating away on all these bugs that drive me so nuts.

And, a google search proves, it doesn’t even have to be terrifying looking.  Check out this beauty, Pinguicula Titan.

Photo courtesy of that that website cited in the watermark that I can't quite make out.

Yes, one of those will do quite nicely.

*Terrifying?  Who knows why.  They are kinda weird though right?  Maybe it was that stage version of Little Shop of Horrors my sister was in when she was 11 or so that made that impression on me.

Lets hear from the peanut gallery, eh?

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