History 5° — Cassie writes me a note informing me that I’m going out w/ Robbie.

Today was not a good day! I’m about to cry. I’ll start at the beginning:

Lunch – Natalie, Lex, Cassie, Ana and I were trying to think of how we could get everyone who went to the party to go out w/ someone. They went on about how cute Robbie and I look together and how perfect we were for eachother. Cassie said something like how it wouldn’t matter if we went out since we’ve kissed so many times! So Cassie went over to Robbie and asked him to go out w/ me. He said he didn’t know who I was although Cassie thinks he didn’t know who she was talking about.

History 5° — Cassie writes me a note informing me that I’m going out w/ Robbie.  Finally I found out that Cassie asked him to go out w/ me.  He said he didn’t know if he would or not – meanwhile everyone was totally bugging me about if I was going out w/ Robbie or not.

French 6° — Lex inform people I’m “sort of” going out w/ Robbie.  I deny it but it’s no use.  I try to kill Cassie.

I am pretty sure that Cassie survives this day.

Language 7-8° — Jeff finds out Robbie and I might be going out.  He keeps trying to convince me not to go out w/ Robbie.  The problem was I was starting to maybe like Robbie again so I wanted to go out w/ him! Cassie tells me that Robbie wants me to ask him out to make sure I want to go out w/ him.  Cassie said Robbie would say yes.  Everyone kept badgering me and badgering me.  Jason T. whispered my name to get my attention and pointed to me than to Robbie and put his fingers together like we’re kissing!  Everyone’s really bugging me + I’m starting to get a little pissed off.  I wanted everyone to get off my case but I also wanted to go out w/ Robbie.

Aelxis and Christy said they’d get off my case if I asked Robbie out.  So finally Alexis goes and asks him out for me!  So now it’s like I liked him and asked him out!  Well the end of the day came and I came home TOTALLY depressed ’cause I knew he was going to say “no”.  I tried to cry when I came home but I couldn’t.  I decide that a phone call to Erika would improve my mood.  She told me Christy wanted me to call her because she had some news for me.  I try to get hints out of Erika, but she won’t budge.

When I finally get ahold of Christy she tells me that she talked to Robbie after school and he said no.  Well I felt really bad but then she tells me that Jeff likes me.  I disguised my bitter dissapointment and after some chit-chat we hung up.  Jeff was talking to Robbie after school, Christy says, and convinced Robbie to say no.  Well, now it all falls in place!

Jeff didn’t want me to go out w/ Robbie because he likes me so he convinced Robbie to say no!  But the reason I’m about to cry, is because I know that Jeff doesn’t have that kind of power over Robbie.  Robbie said no because of the size of my chest!  I know that’s why!  He is, like, kinda perverted.  I mean, he likes the girls with a big chest.  Why do you think he went out with Kerry!

The thing I’m very upset about is that he didn’t/couldn’t look past my chest and go out w/ me because of my personality.  It hurts because I could visualize us together.  I was soooo close to having a boyfriend.  I’ve never even thought about asking anybody out and when I sort of do he says no because of my CHEST???!!!  I don’t believe it!  I thought he might be able to look at what is inside me instead of my chest!  God I’m so DEPRESSED!  I hate ROBBIE!

At this point in this sad story, my exclamation points had turned to little fishes.  Also, if I were to go back in time, I’d remind myself that Robbie had requested that I ask him out not Alexis.  He didn’t believe you liked him.  And in a way, he was right.  You spent the beginning of the entry talking about how you weren’t sure.  You can’t have it both ways, kid.

Been awhile since we heard about bosoms, eh?

3 thoughts on “History 5° — Cassie writes me a note informing me that I’m going out w/ Robbie.

  1. This one stars the whole gang: Christy, Jeff, Natalie, Ana, Erika, the infamous Alexis…someone named Jason T. and a Cassie. Anyone remember Cassie??

  2. I do. Her brother still taught math at FHS shockingly recently. I remember his first year teaching. We were so cruel. That ‘s what happens when you teach at your kid sister’s high school. No respect. 😉

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