Emily said that guys are like ice-cream.

Emily came over today and I guess I feel a little better after talking to her. I guess I am having a hard time accepting the fact that a major part of my life is over. It’s amazing what 15 seconds can do. I’m sure it’s a change that probably is long overdue but,… I don’t know.

I just have to wonder how long it will be before I have another. Even though I wanted my first kiss to be because we wanted to, I’m glad it happened. Now I don’t have to sit and wonder what it will be like. Emily said that guys are like ice-cream. You sample and when you go out you buy a sundae.

If the relationship works you sort of sprang and got the topping to What we were doing last night was sampling. I feel different now but I’m glad I asked the clerk at the ice cream store for the sample of the three flavors. And, you know they weren’t half bad. I don’t think I’ll buy, yet… We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

I hope that something good will come out of the kisses. Maybe I will, afterall, buy! Alexis got something good. She and Kris are going out! So are Dave and Abby! Both relationships developed at the party!

12-year-old Jen thought that it was March, even though the entry before was April. What a silly goose! Is it any wonder that modern-day-Jen can never remember how old she is?

Best analogy right? Thanks Emily!

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