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5 thoughts on “Jen’s Zen’s: Jen Speaks on Suffering

  1. It’s so true!! Every time I feel badly about myself, it’s because I’m comparing myself to someone else’s amazing-ness. Let’s boycott comparisons!

  2. One thing that’s cool about being a Christian is that we believe that God has given each one of us our own unique and special gifts to bring to the “Body of Christ”, or all humanity. It not only helps us appreciate gifts that others have that we don’t, but it also helps us be humble and not judge when other people don’t have the gifts we have. It helps us be patient and share what we do have. It’s not always easy to not compare ourselves to others, but with a good attitude, we can be appreciative and respect our differences.

    • Thanks so much for sharing this Sue. I love the idea of looking at us all as bringing our own unique and special gifts to humanity.

      The idea of comparison causing suffering is rooted in feeling jealous about another’s success or talent. It is wonderful to consider that each of us has come with the gifts that we are meant to, and that we are all contributing to a wonderful world.

      To everyone!

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