One Reader’s Crazy Roommates

Thanks to friend of the blog Charlee for sending in some crazy roommate stories.  Today’s lesson, as she so eloquently stated, “Humans are a bunch of WEIRDOS!”

Fight #1

“I told a bossy college roommate that I could find the common room on my own for a meeting (she wanted me to miss the last 2 minutes of Sex & the City?! just to have her way.) and then she stopped all communication with me. This resulted in two months of absolute silence.”

Fight #2

“This other roommate had a cat she never saw fit to clean up after. Cat hair EVERYWHERE all the time….even on the kitchen counter!!  (I can’t believe I ever lived like that)…

“I’m allergic to cats but never got on her case. I was having friends over for the weekend and didn’t feel like having to vacuum the couch’s fur sweater, wiping up the cat litter from the kitchen counter or have a rank litter box smell linger while she was gone for the weekend…

“…so I timidly and as sweetly as possible told her that I was having friends over and one was allergic to cats and if she could just clean up the hair. Whelp, oh no… that was pretty much the start of my sophomore year cold war. I had to flee the country after that! Thank goodness I always wanted to study in England!”

 You’re right.  Human’s are a bunch of weirdos!

And we’re just kidding about you being a cat-hater, Charlee.  Gus just takes everything super personally cause he’s a Aries with a Pisces moon.

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Gus is sure cute, don't you think?

2 thoughts on “One Reader’s Crazy Roommates

  1. Roommates: well, once in Berlin, this guy I worked with paid me to let a friend of his sleep on my futon. The guy was silent almost the whole time. Perhaps it was just a language barrier, but he seemed somewhere between depressed and exhausted. I couldn’t figure it out. Mysterious Moonchild!

    • So, you let a stranger who didn’t talk sleep on your futon?? Were you not concerned he would rob you blind??

      Aren’t we all Mysterious Moonchildren??

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