Introducing Jen’s Zens

Hey there, it’s Alex, Jen’s sister. I’ll be interrupting your regular “I-am-Jen” programming from time to time to bring you a new feature to called Jen’s Zens.

The first blog Jen kept was “Ought Never Be Daunted,” which was about her trying to find her way after college. Well, it turns out that Jen has not only found her way, but has, through the fire and brimstone of her life’s journey, amassed a treasure trove of gems of wisdom.  Now you’ll find many of these gems here, albeit between posts tagged “I’ve been a Girl Scout most of my life.”  But other gems she lets drop casually in conversation, where they fall deaf to her adoring web audience. So I’ve decided to do my best to fill that gap and share the shining gleams of insight, or Jen’s Zens, that I am privy.  These are jewels like:

         (on dealing with break-ups)
“Just go buy a bottle of wine and go home and drink it.”

“You can’t accomplish something every day.”

I think you’ll agree that this is some serious wisdom worth turning to when you need solace in these turbulent times. Stay tuned for more!

Lets hear from the peanut gallery, eh?

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