If he knows me enough to insult me, he must know my name.

School was hell.  After french Emily told me some news that I rather she hadn’t.  She said he said that he knew that I (the girl in the pink sweatshirt) liked him.  When Em asked him how he came to that conclusion, he said it was because I asked him to dance.  I feel like crying – but the tears won’t come.  How can he know?  He keeps referring to me as though he doesn’t know who I am.  Yet, nothing fits.  It’s all just an impossible jigsaw puzzle.  He knows who I am, I know that.  I was in his block class last year.  I don’t think it’s possible for him to think I am a different person than I was.  My name is on my PE clothes and I’m in French.  Last (we were in school) Friday or so he said that my hair was going gray.  If he knows me enough to insult me, he must know my name.  Last year he stole my inhaler and paid 5$ for the pigpen  he broke.  I’m so confused.  There’s no one I can talk to about this except Emily and I feel uncomfortable calling her.  I’m so confused.   One things for sure – I don’t want to talk about him- hear about him or talk to him until I have reached some conclusion about this whole mess.

Man, what a mess, right?

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