When I got Natalies invitation to her b-day party yesterday I was touched. I mean really touched. I was about to cry.

When I got Natalies invitation to her b-day party yesterday I was touched. I mean really touched. I was about to cry. But now I don’t know what a good friend Natalie would make if she sides with The first story she she’s. You, know It’s really nice to know you can depend on people when you need them. I can’t, though.

It all started today in lunch. Alexis and Ana were acting really buddy-buddy. I swear, you would think Alexis actually likes her or some junk! They sat in a different place, ย than usual. Natalie was w/ them. I approached, wondering why they weren’t sitting in our regular spot. Once I got there all conversation stopped. What a horrible feeling! Immediately Alexis and Ana left to go buy lunch. I’ll bet Natalie hated them for leaving her there w/ me! Soon, I began to feel unwanted, but it never became really obvious till Alexis and Ana were talking on the lawn, and then she called Natalie, who I was talking with to join them. I yelled, “gee, thanks!” sarcastically, and w/ tears in my eyes I got my stuff and left to join people who actually appreciate me!

Just now I called Natalie and told her I probally wasn’t coming to her party because Alexis and I are fighting. I’m sure she was probably really glad I wasn’t coming! Oh, shit, now I’m crying. It’s not fair! Alexis has no right to treat me like that! It’s pissing me off. Well, not really I’m more hurt than mad. After school I found out Natalie says that Alexis is mad because of ice-skating last week. How can she be mad, when we tried to include her, but every time we got near, she skated off and had a hissy fit?!!! She’s such a BITCH!!!

On to a happier subject…

In PE, I was in line to test on layups. Mike H. was in front of me and Jessica. Anyway he did the left and failed! Then it came my turn. I was doing the right. I sunk that ball, so well, and got an A! Jessica says her eyes were open wide, and so were mine! When I got back in line, I laughed and pointed at Mike to make a joke. It was so funny. I actually got an A! On both hands!

Spoiler alert! Tears after the jump.

11 thoughts on “When I got Natalies invitation to her b-day party yesterday I was touched. I mean really touched. I was about to cry.

  1. Man, I don’t remember any of that. Who’s Alexis? What’s funny is that I felt so invisible during school, the fact that anybody on the planet would include me in their diary is pretty neat. ๐Ÿ™‚ Great shot btw lol!

  2. Haha! Thanks! Did you go to PMS? I feel like we might have been hanging out back then. Alexis MacCauley…I lost touch with her years ago.

  3. I went to PMS. I was connected at the hip with Jenene and Lisa. What’s funny is I’m still connected at the hip to Jenene lol…

  4. I vaguely remember there being an Alexis. Obviously I was friends with her. I can’t even begin to remember what she looked like though.

  5. I remember Alexis – I guess her and I were pretty close friends. Blond curly hair, freckles, tom-boyish. Jen – sorry for being so rude to you 18 years ago. I’m sure there’s more to come… ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I remember Alexis pretty well. I remember some red lips and yes, blond hair and tom-boyish. Natalie, I’ll never forgive you. JK! I’m so awful in these entries I wince!

  7. Funny, the curly hair I kinda remember but can’t picture her face. I’m guessing she moved away? What grade were we in?

    And I’d apologize too, but we were both terrible to each other, so I really can’t spend all my time apologizing for all the times you bitch about me. OMG I laughed my face off when I read the one about a voodoo doll!

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