I am such a dork

We were camping last weekend and, as usual, I made the entire camping party (including the two-year-old) play the Pick Up 40 Pieces of Trash Game.

This time about half way through I offered a “special treat” to those who went double or nothing and got 80.

I have yet to figure out what the Special Treat is. Any suggestions?

Moments later I was interacting with one of the Park Rangers who was cleaning the toilet. We had a pleasant enough interaction, but I couldn’t leave it at that.

No, I had to add, “I just had to tell you…collectively my group just picked up over 400 pieces of trash!!”

That’s when I started to feel really dumb. I started mumbling. “Cause..um..you know, I had the girls do it. And I used to be a Girl Scout. And you know Girl Scouts always leave places cleaner than when they found it.”

Brilliant, girl friend, brilliant.

Are you good at spotting trash? Find the offending garbage in this picture and get a special treat!

Do you see it???

Lets hear from the peanut gallery, eh?

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