I think I just felt someone’s gaze throughout the day.

Why is it I am so self-conscientious around Gate. Any Gate event kills me. Daily I have Gate Science. The class itself is ok, but the people in it make me feel so strange. Partly is my past. I’m always thinking that everyone there has already judged me, and I have no more chances. Sandy’s not in the class thank God. I think Andy was staring at me. I think I just felt someone’s gaze throughout the day. Maybe it was Chan again. He was in a lot of my classes. I don’t know why I’ve been crying.

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5 thoughts on “I think I just felt someone’s gaze throughout the day.

  1. i was in gate and it really damaged me socially, at least as far as my middle school sexual capital. i think i would have developed better personal style in the “normie” classes. actually, i’m full of crap. but…i say tag them at your own risk!

  2. Jennifer I love that you’re doing this! I am doing something similar, (well needing to start) that I’m calling “Life Archives Project.” I’m scanning years worth of photos, memorabilia, notes, etc so I have it for my kids to see later 🙂

    I was in Gate as well, but always struggled between “Mathletes” and sports. I’m a pretty big geek now but I think I have the best of both worlds. Thanks for sharing and welcome to Livefyre!

  3. @cortneyrock

    You see?? I’m just as socially nervous as I ever was!! All these GATE FB friends…do I tag them? Do I not??

    I’m going to send them a message and tell them about the project and say that I’m going to start tagging but that they can’t tell me not to and I will never do it again. First I’ll get that page started.

    I love your personal style no matter where it developed!!

  4. @jennalanger Thanks Jenna!! You’ll have to point me to your project when you’ve gotten it going.I’m a total geek, too, and I own it. Sounds like you do too! I was never a Mathlete but I bet I would have liked that as well.

    Thanks for the welcome to Livefyre. It seems to be going pretty well though I think I need to urge people to take the plunge and set up accounts… I’ve only gotten two converts so far. But the two I’ve gotten have been commenting more than ever!! YES!

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