Another Reason Why I Hate Comcast

I have been their customer for years, and yet they continue to send advertisements for their services almost weekly.

Not only is it a waste of money and paper (you know they aren’t buying recycled), but it screams, “We charge you SO MUCH more than we need to so we can afford ongoing direct mail campaigns without even caring whether we’re pitching to our very own customers!”

As a small business owner, I’m honored to receive double the direct mail offering me products to which I already subscribe.  And for this, I hate you, Comcast.  I also hate you for all the hidden fees you sneak into my bill every month.  Not cool, Comcast.

I look forward to heading over to your local office within the next two weeks and turning in my DVR, receiver, remotes and anything else in the house labeled Comcast.

I finally found a local internet provider, Sonic.  They’re coming tomorrow to hook me up.  EXCITED!

(Not that that will keep me from receiving the Comcast spam snail mail, though.)

Why do you hate Comcast?

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