2011 Priorities

My January first came with an awesome sense of renewal. I was surprised because I have spent hours convincing myself that the year end is purely arbitrary and that I should treat every day as a fresh start (if one is needed). But I can’t deny the freshness I felt on January 1st and the hope that this year would hold even more awesomeness than those previous.

I am someone who has a lot of projects. I asked a new friend at a party over the holidays, “What are you constantly obsessed with?” Julia pointed out that that is a weird question. Other people may not have constant obsessions, projects dominating their brain. I have to wonder how that feels. Maybe a little calmer.

I have knitting projects left over from five years ago. I have plans for videos that were made three or so years ago. I have a list of blog entries to write a mile long. My life coach asked me once, “What would happen if those videos just never got made? If those blog entries never got written?” That was a tough pill to swallow, but it was good for me to hear it. Everyday I can only do what I can do that day. And maybe projects need an expiration date.

With this in mind, I made a list of my 2011 priorities. And, as part of it, I have decided that if I don’t get them done within a year, I need to move on. That’s not to say I have to finish them that year, but if it’s an idea, I have to start it. If it’s a website, I have to build it. If it’s a blog story arch, then I have to get going on it. And if it’s an art project, I have to make progress on it and finish it within a year from first beginning it.  If I happened to have begun it many years ago (like my Tom Waits Love Song mix tape), then it’s time to finish or give up.

With this in mind, here are my (mostly fun) projects for 2011:

  • Lushes in Love (Will’s and my new cocktail blog! Almost finished…)
  • Hangoverville.com (the land you wind up in if you have a hangover…torturous!)
  • The Diary Project (ongoing)
  • Line of greeting cards
  • Tribute to clouds (due in February–ahhh!)
  • Tom Waits Love Song mix tape (also due in February–ahhh!)
  • Tupperware videos (5 due by March)
  • Grandma-inspired cooking blog arch
  • Landlord’s Game
  • Awfulfalafel.com, crazybusinessschemes.com, everythingsuper.com, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Perhaps I won’t sleep!

Whatchu think?

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