Today Mr. Aubel goes and tells us that they don’t

I had my test, right?

Today Mr. Aubel goes and tells us that they don’t

Note from present-day-Jen:

The entry cuts off right there. Anti-climatic right?

On the bright side, I remember well this day 18 years ago. We had been tested in our Band class to see what chair we would have. I remember it was very agonizing; I always got really nervous when I was put on the spot and this was no exception. Playing the flute is dependent on air flow, and when I would get nervous, air flow got challenging!

We played a piece to a tape recorder, which our teacher, Mr. Aubel, would then take come and listen to. I don’t remember why, but on this day he informed us that the tests were not going to count. I was livid because I would have to go through the process of testing all over again.

If you remember from the last entry on December 1, 1992, getting second chair was very important to me. I was embroiled in a tough battle for it (so I thought) with Ana. If memory serves, neither Ana nor I got second chair, but I was disheartened that she did test higher than me. She was probably better at performing under pressure!

It’s funny to note that even at age 11 I had trouble with the changing of years, and neglected to update the year to 1993, which by that time, it was.

Lets hear from the peanut gallery, eh?

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