Yep, I started to swear.

I’d taken up swearing with many many underlines even!

It’s awful in band. Ana is so terrible. I can’t describe it in words. She is the biggest bitch in the world.

Yep, I started to swear. Whenever I swear someone says Oh wow I can’t believe it. Jennifers swearing.

I have to get second chair or else the bitch (yep, you guessed it Ana) will have won. I can’t let Ana win.

I still haven’t started filling out. I can’t believe it.

I forgot to do Newsteam yesterday. It was my second F this year. I have to raise my grade. I have to do two extra credit reports to steady my A’s. One in Health the other in History. I don’t want to but I fear its my only way to keep my 4.0 average.

This Friday we go on to music. I’m sick of Computers. We don’t get to play a single game.

Oops its passed 9:30 gotta go,

Roll of eyes, Roll of eyes

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