Grocery Outlet: a marketing tactic gone awry!

Will and I wandered into Grocery Outlet before the holiday season.  I was looking for cheap wrapping paper, and boy did I find it!  At $1 a roll, I must have saved $10.

I noticed that their price tags listed how much items cost elsewhere.  For instance, the maple syrup below purportedly sells for $9.99 everywhere else.  Here at Grocery Outlet, it’s only $6.99.  What a steal!

This seems like a good idea, and I was on board.  But we found it hilarious when we found the following peanut butter that sells for $1.99 at Grocery Outlet and, um, elsewhere too.

At this point I turned to Will and pointed out that their computer program could have easily been programmed to leave off the “Elsewhere…$1.99” if the prices were the same.  It’s two extra lines of code!  But I suppose the higher ups at Grocery Outlet assumed that their prices are always lower, so why bother to test?

We wandered down the booze aisle to see if there was a good price on champagne and laughed uproariously when we found:

Prosecco Brut for $19.99!  Seems like a good deal–it comes in a box, after all.  It’s gotta be good.  But why would we buy it when the tag points out that we can get it elsewhere for $14.99???

Yes, they need to reprogram their label maker.  And yes, they need to test.  If the elsewhere price is less than or equal to the Grocery Outlet price, leave it off!!

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2 thoughts on “Grocery Outlet: a marketing tactic gone awry!

  1. Maybe they’re just earnest, humble, and overflowing with integrity. Which makes me want to shop there … Marketing scheme gone awryght!

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