thou shalt not covet another man's (or woman's) party

Last night I went to the best party I have ever been to.  It was an open house thrown by the local, organic catering company Devoted Catering by Aimee Alan.

I hired Devoted for an event I coordinated for the Berkeley Student Cooperative last year.  The food was excellent.  I remember when I was first talking to them being concerned about running out of food. The event coordinator I was working with, Zoe, said, “We have never run out of food.”  I was heartened.  I have since been to another event that they catered which also had excellent food.  When I got the invite for their open house, I responded with a “Hell yes!” and RSVPed for two right away.  Next year I will RSVP for more!

I knew that last night was going to be special when we were greeted by a red carpet stretching the length of the sidewalk and speckled with rose petals.  ROSE PETALS!  Faint red lights lit up the gorgeous space.  I felt like I was walking into a ball.

They had the cutest name tags ever. I know it was just printed out and chopped out with a pin back glued to the back, but they were sooo much cuter then that crap you buy at O Max.

The dish that stands out the most in my memory was a baked chevre and carmelized onion stuffed squash blossom. The delicious sweet, spicy and cheesy goodness melted in my mouth.  The shrimp bisque warmed from the inside out.  One by one we feasted on small bites, each one a glorious creation.

They had concocted a few custom cocktails for the evening.  I first tried a fantastic mixture of gin, vermouth and fresh rosemary with a sugary rim.  I believe there was soda water in there too, but I was too busy enjoying it to really notice.

As someone who loooves throwing events (Jenfest, most importantly!), I was particularly entranced by their choice of entertainment.  As if the amazing food, drinks, great ambiance and nice people wasn’t enough, they had a tarot reader and a cartoonist free of charge!  I have never turned down a chance to look into my future, and was glad I waited in line for for mine.

Visit their website for more photos of their fabulous food and events! Even their website is cute.

As I was getting my tarot read, I heard the most amazing announcement…the giant flower market decorating one side of the room was for us!  Each of us got to pick our own bouquet.  I was floored.  Flowers to remember this amazing evening by on top of everything else!!

But that wasn’t quite it.  As we tore ourselves away for the night, we were each gifted with a jar of homemade jam. I chose fig, and had some for breakfast.  It, too, was terrific. Surprise!

I was telling my friends on our walk this morning about this fabulous event, and they asked me why a catering company would go through so much trouble and expense.  It is perhaps surprising, but I promise it was great for business.  I spoke to an executive assistant who had been on the fence about hiring them and decided last night to go for it.  A couple I met was considering changing their menu for the upcoming wedding based on the new menu we were sampling.  Everyone there was delighted.  And I’m even more enamored with the company than I ever was before (hey, I’m blogging about it!).  That, to me, is good business.

I told Zoe, the event coordinator I had worked with, that last night’s party was the best party I had ever been to and I meant it.  Every detail was perfect, and I have a Virgo Moon (which makes me really, really detail-oriented).  These people have fantastic taste and throw an amazing good time.  Someday hopefully I can hire them to throw Jenfest for me.  That will be the best one yet!

Devoted Catering has a few events coming up: a New Year’s Eve party, a Devoted Underground dinner on January 22, and a Valentine’s Dinner on February 12th.  You should go.  Email them at for prices and details.

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