But I guess that’s the way life is. Is that an epiphany?

It’s been awhile. I’ve gotten kinda caught up in the day to day existence of life. I’m so used to my routine. Some days I just float through school, some days just suck, and some days are cool. But I guess that’s the way life is. Is that an epiphany?

Well two weekends ago sucked. I don’t quite remember what happened. I think I went to a football game. I bet that was fun. I think I had a kinda boring weekend.

Bryan hasn’t shut up about Julian. And he’s decided that he’ll hold it over my head that he’s going to tell him. It doesn’t matter anymore, Julian knows. I’ve decided that. He like, avoids me. Not that he ever didn’t. But I know he knows. It’ll be ok. I guess. I just didn’t want him to know. It’s all just a fantasy. (Here comes an epiphany!) I, like need to be obsessed with him, or some one, maybe so I can’t like anyone else. So I can’t like maybe admit feelings I have. I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. I just wish he could know that I’m not in love with him, and that I just like his name (have we heard that before?!!!) and I think he’s sexy (deja vu (sp?)). Oh well. Now Bryan can’t threaten me.

Mr. Heinitz, our English teacher, had just taught us the word epiphany and made us write an essay on it. I’ll try to dig mine up.

Ben’s my new friend and Ana’s new lover. A lot of guys are repulsed by that thought, but oh well. I need to shave. Anyway, Ben has given me & Christy a ride home twice. That’s pretty nifty. He’s a senior.

Last week, there was only two days of school. On Wednesday, I had my parent conference and I got my grades. I did so horribly! For me at least. I know I have to raise my grades. But I like not doing homework. Well conferences sucked. Mrs. Moser tore me apart. Ah well.

After Dad and I picked up Katie and we joined Natalie, Bryan and Jason at the Bowling Alley. (Dad dropped us off) We sat there for a while. Then they finished playing. Then Katie left. Then Bryan and Jason left. Natalie and I went over to Foster’s Freeze and went home. On Thursday, I got up and went to an ortho appt and babysat. Then off to the frosh game. Julian’s number 90! Anyway, we played Amador and won. Go us, rock on with our bad selves! Anyway, after Erika, Natalieerie and I walked down Main St looking for New York Pizza., and finally found it. That was cool. It was slightly amusing. Katie is grounded because of her grades. We went to the varsity game after dinner and won that! It sucked. But I won’t go into that. Guess what? I’m not as duck-like as I thought. Anyway, maybe I’ll talk about that some day. I’m not like ready. Katie’s pissed cause I won’t tell her. But I can’t. I got to see Bushboy and that was happy! I miss him.

Yesterday was ok. I managed to convince everyone that I wasn’t mad at Bryan and I was able to talk Katie out of death. I swear I’m going to die without her. I may die anyway, but I’ll die sooner. Never mind.

After school, James walked home with me + Christy. He went to the mall, but I was introduced to his five personalities. Mike wants Melissa and shew ants him. They’re like going to get together. That would be so WIERD! Oh well. Lisa still wants James. Emily wanted Eric. Jason told me I was the perfect sister. That was strange. I told him that he was going to be haunted by giant tic tacs.

So long, Hasta Luego,

I’ve decided that it would be ok to die a painful death, as long as I’d die , but that was a couple days ago. I’m happier now.

Lets hear from the peanut gallery, eh?

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