Steely Dan – My Old School

I’m posting sneak peeks of the upcoming years of diary entries in the absence of any news from 12 year old me (apparently the beginning of Junior High was just too stressful and embarrassing even for the diaries).  Digging through the later years made me realize how cruel girls are, and how cruel I was.  Jealousy and hormones do horrible things to the brain; to my brain.

To which end, I came up with the following disclaimer:

“Jennifer Heller does not endorse the views expressed in these diaries and regrets the excesses of her teenage self. Further, it must be noted, as every fiber of our body is completely regenerated after seven years and we are a different person, the reader releases the current incarnation of Jennifer Heller from any liability for the views expressed in these diaries. ”

Which I will post at the beginning of each, um, regrettably mean entry.

Today this song struck me as particularly embodying the intense emotions felt during one’s tender years, and coming up, in grave detail, over the next few years.

Whatchu think?

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