Sneak Peek: September 9, 1996

Mon. 10:35pm

Hello. I left you on Friday. Well I went to school. Normal. I went to the dance. Sucky. Not really, but kinda. It was very uneventful. I really don’t feel like discussing the details. It was just another dance. I didn’t have fun until Nathan, Joel and Dylan left. That’s ok.

Sophomore me had been going to dances for quite a while now.  Yes, they were pretty old hat, by now, though this particular picture was taken in Spring 1997.

Saturday, I went over to Sarah’s and watched Pulp Fiction with Jenine. That was enjoyable. That night Nathan, Joel, Leah and Justine sat across the street from my house.  I wasn’t allowed to go to the mall cause I was sick, so I sat with them since Leah really needed to talk to me.  So I talked to her.  The others left after a bit under an hour and soon after so did she.

Sunday I went to the mall with Sarah for a little while.  Uneventful.

Today.  Another school day.  I’m afraid I’ve stopped allowing future me to realize how great my life now is.  Interaction between Humphrites and life under Humphrey has somewhat come to a stop in here.  I don’t really share much.  My feelings, yeah, but so much of the time at school I smile and laugh so much but I can’t write it down. Even at the mall or Great America or wherever.  All you hear is “that was fun” which must get really old after awhile.  Life is fun though.  I don’t normally not have fun. But, without the bad times, you wouldn’t appreciate the bad. But in here, do the good times get blended into everyday life?!!!

If you are confused right now, I don’t blame you.  Humphrey was the name of the TREE, yes the TREE, that we sat around to eat.  It was next to the bathrooms and really, really far away from where all the “cool kids” were sitting.  We named a tree.  Yes, we did.

Well, I have to try to stop that, if I can.  Right now, I think I’ll expand a little on Humphrey:

The Humphrites:

These are the people that are accepted as a normal part of life at Humphrey.  There really is no criteria, but there are some people who do eat there daily that are still not really Humphrites.  This is my opinion and it is open to debate by any other Humphrite or branch.  The following, I see as Humphrites:

me (of course)
Tony (although some may not agree.  I sometimes don’t agree.)
Hillary (fading fast)
* gone, but Humphrites nonetheless


Branches are people who either eat at Humphry sometimes, just started, or in some special cases don’t go to our school but are our friends anyway.

These may also be referred to as trees and could grow into Humphrites ate any time.  The following are Branches:

Melissa Mann
Jan (in a weird way)

Keep in mind, other’s lists may differ and mine may be incomplete.  Now, interaction at Humphrey is weird.  Most everybody can stand everyone else.  Oh!  These are the lunch crowd:

Leah (most of the time)
Justine (most of the time)
Hillary (sometimes)
Melissa Mann (sometimes)

Back to social interaction.  Most peers would call us weird.  I don’t see it — not really.  Well, I guess we are.  We are a diverse group of people and each of us could be put into a slightly different stereotype, although none of us are stereotypical.  Except maybe Justine.  Sometimes, people get upset, fight, yell, run away, leave, hug, make out (rare), throw stuff (not rare at all), but that should be expected.

I would love to go into a personality profile of each but I don’t think I can.  I would also like to describe a typical lunch scene, but there is no typical.  Lunch varies.  Sometimes it can get monotonous, and sometimes, when lots of people are missing, lonely and depressing (at least for me – since I love to be surrounded by friends) but normally it’s exciting.  Today, for instance, I got to cut Ivan’s sweat pants into zig zag shorts.  that was fun!  A highlight of the year.  The Humphrey crowd continues out of school, especially with me.  Most of the people we all associate w/ eat at Humphrey!  I talk on the phone with 10/14 of the lunchers on a regular basis.  Which brings me out of my psycho-analysis into a description of my evening.

Yes, 10th grade me really did just wish you a nice day. So don’t tell me that it’s rude of me to myself to post these on the Internet. It’s what I wanted.  Have a nice day!

I finished my homework early so sat and goofed off.  It was a wonderful, chaotic phone night.  I had a billion people to talk to and some of the best conversations this year.  My conversation with Nathan about vampires for instance.  He says I’m weird.  He’s not the only one.  Anyway, I think I included that last part just to say that I had a really great day.  I hope you (whoever you are) did too.

See ya


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