to kitten or not to kitten

We stopped by the pet store yesterday and it was adoption day.  The kittens were soooo cute and we’ve been wanting to get a dog, but aren’t allowed to have a dog where we are living, and Will said, “Maybe we should get a kitten.” I’m rather suggestible so I was on board from the get go. I fondly remember the addition of Shawn to our family last summer.

But now that I’m not staring at those little feet and ears I can remember the long nights with Shawn racing around before we decided to let him outside, the house plants we’d find all over the floor, the way he still breaks the rule about jumping on counters and how Gus expressed his discontent by peeing on my bed. I wasn’t footing the bill for his neutering, and Ellen started chipping in and buying food, so I didn’t notice the economic costs, which Ellen estimates at an initial investment of $350.  But I was terrified and worried when he didn’t come home and we finally found him in neighbor Lois’ garage.  And I’m acutely aware of how much a trip to the vet costs.

I called my mom to consult, as I tend to do when just about anything comes up.  She instantly exclaimed, “You have enough cats!”

“Well….yes…. I know……but Will kind of wants one, and it would be his cat, and so…”

Instantly swayed, she agreed, “Well, Will deserves a cat.”  And it’s true.  And homeless cats deserve homes.  We have yet to decide whether a homeless kitten will join us.  A friend said, “Wait for one to jump out at you.”

My plan: feed Gus on my bed so he remembers that’s a place for eating and not peeing and get Will to as many adoption days as possible this kitten season.

(Will’s post on this subject)

Lets hear from the peanut gallery, eh?

3 thoughts on “to kitten or not to kitten

  1. It’s interesting how you slate the desire for a cat towards Will, while he says you want one more. I think you both want a little kitten. It will take a bit of adjustment, but then it will be great!

  2. Um, why do I not get any credit for saying that your life is going to turn into a certain children’s book? DUDE, at the end of the book, all the cats eat each other up!!

  3. But Rosalie, three??? I’m sorta thinking three might just be tooooooo many 🙂

    Jules, I didn’t realize that you required credit! I’M SORRY! You’re the only one who ever thinks my life will turn into a children’s book and when it happens, let the world know, it is because you predicted it!

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