Cats vs Crustacean

At a crab feed this past Friday, my aunt and I pocketed some extra crab to take home to Shawn and the Guster. I was a little concerned about them getting the meat out of the legs. Do cats eat crab in the wild? I bet they’re pretty hard to catch. I know Gus would run in fear from those intense claws.

When we got back we tortured Gus by making him wear the bib for a photo!

The next day when Shawn and Gus were both around, we videotaped giving them some hunks of crab. They didn’t give us a lot of a material, but I saw a blog the other day that posted a video of a cat grabbing its owner’s arm a million times. If that can go viral, maybe two cats nom nom noming (did I use that right?) on some crab will also be popular? Who knows. Continue Reading

The Tragedy of Sad Sack

2010 held some tough lessons for me. One of the toughest was getting involved with a dishonest business man who my boyfriend and I now refer to as “Sad Sack”.

The name “Sad Sack” comes from a cartoon from a magazine that catered to US WWII troops. His character just couldn’t do anything right. His clothes didn’t fit, and he was always doing dumb stuff.

I’m sure we’ve all met a Sad Sack character in our lives, but hopefully no one else was dumb enough to get involved in business with them. Will drew the cartoons for this tribute to one of the hardest situations I’ve faced in my lifetime.

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Is my cat weird?

Whenever the Guster is hungry he makes sure I know he’s serious. That’s why I made that brain map of how he thinks the other day. I’m not sure that got across how really and truly strange his behavior turns.  Seriously, I think he would bite my face off if I weren’t marginally stronger than he is.

I made a video so that maybe you would help me decide if he really is that weird:

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My Theme Song

I realized last week what my dream is. I’ve been planning all these crazy videos for so long, and pumping so much time and energy into my blog… but I didn’t understand how it all comes together to make me happy. Honestly, sometimes it just feels like a bunch of work. But this past week when I have actually been devoting myself to my videos, I have felt continually creatively satisfied. It has been an amazing week.

Sometime during the past week, I made the realization: I want to be a talk show host. I was born to be a talk show host. I can talk and talk and talk. Believe me! I can think of crazy skits like nobody’s business. Content will never be a problem!

I do need to work on my deadpan…I crack myself up entirely too much! Continue Reading