The Tragedy of Sad Sack

2010 held some tough lessons for me. One of the toughest was getting involved with a dishonest business man who my boyfriend and I now refer to as “Sad Sack”.

The name “Sad Sack” comes from a cartoon from a magazine that catered to US WWII troops. His character just couldn’t do anything right. His clothes didn’t fit, and he was always doing dumb stuff.

I’m sure we’ve all met a Sad Sack character in our lives, but hopefully no one else was dumb enough to get involved in business with them. Will drew the cartoons for this tribute to one of the hardest situations I’ve faced in my lifetime.

Watch the video!

One thought on “The Tragedy of Sad Sack

  1. Jen, I’ve found that if I don’t charge what I felt was an uncomfortably high amount of money my clients did not respect me. I had to triple my rates before I found a client who took me seriously.

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